Monday, January 11, 2016

Most Honest Review | Kinohimitsu Beauty Collagen Drink 2500mg

Image from Kinohimistu Sg Website 

Hi beautiful ones! I purchased the Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink way back in September 2015 to try it out. I've always wonder what the hype is all about. Everything is not important except for one: DOES IT WORK? 

This is all what I and even you want to know right? So many advertisements, promotions about collagen drinks. I'm all about collagen, whitening, lightening beautiful skin. When i saw this drink lying on Robinsons Department store one day, i decided to grab it and try. 

I read reviews about it & saw girls saying that their skin becomes better, and one even say she feels her boobs becoming larger too. ?? 

I was suffering from acne problem last year. My skin didn't feel any where good. I felt sick & uncomfortable. This drink came in time for me. When i saw them i was like "Oh man... This might very well be my cure to everything!!! That beautician from Jean Yip (read my first experience with Jean Yip here) said i have VERY LITTLE collagen considering my age. That was possibly the ultimate factor that persuaded me to buy this expensive collagen drinks." 

By the way, i bought them during sales for $31 if i didn't remember wrongly. It sells for $39.90 now. 

So back to my thoughts when i was buying that time. "Ok, she said i have little collagen on my skin. I am having pimples every where on my cheeks now. I also realise my skin care products are not absorbing in as quickly as it should be. Maybe it has something to do with my collagen! Maybe if i had more collagen, my skincare products can be absorbed better and more quickly??? Then my pimples will disappear because maybe somehow the products can penetrate deeper into my skin?? Does it make sense? 

Ok anyhow, i'm gonna buy them!!!" 

I was pretty determined that my acne problem could finally be resolved and i can finally have my clear skin back. You understand the frustrations when a person is suffering from acne problem? I didn't until i got the first hand experience. Its terrible. I will blog about my acne very soon! I just need more time to observe and make sure they are not coming back. 

I drank my collagen juice very persistently for three months. That meant i purchased a total of 4 boxes. I included it on my snapchat too! (my snapchat: babychooooo) I read that a total of 3 boxes, about 3 months, you can see results. It states dosage of 3 times a week after consistently drinking one bottle 6 days daily for first timers. But i drank like 4 bottles every week. Sometimes i may drink up to 5 bottles a week. For this, more is better than less. haha. 


Well, I will just be super honest here. I really don't want to say anything bad about this drink because their detox drink work for me. I suffered from very terrible bloating issues last year (That's why i was saying i always felt sick in 2015. I had a lot of issues!). It finally got cured when i drank their peppermint detox drink. Not elaborating on this here as you can read it from here. I just want to say i never felt so happy when my stomach was not bloated anymore!!! That was truly one of the happiest day in 2015. 

So... apparently... sad to say.... Kinohimitsu Beauty Collagen Drink 2500mg DIDN'T WORK for me. I want to see better skin due to this product. At first i thought wow! I think its working!!! I think my boobs are getting bigger. I think my skin looks more glowy. I think my pimples are getting better. Honestly girl, that's really a placebo effect. Later on, i tested it out by stopping my drink after 3 months & see if my skin will have any difference. I heard that once you stop drinking, your skin might get worse/goes back to original skin condition. 

I could absorb my skincare products better. That's what collagen benefits are -make you look youthful, help to absorb nutrients faster & deeper. I thought it was all due to the collagen drink but later i realise that its not. Well maybe it does help a little? 

Anyway, i don't realise a difference before and after. I am quite certain that my better skin condition is not due to the collagen drink. BUT, i won't stop you from buying if you want to try because, in my opinion, having it is better than not having. 

I need to be very clear here that , for me, the collagen drink didn't help to ease my pimples in anyway. My pimples still kept growing. My boobs, actually, didn't get bigger too. It didn't make my skin look more glowy as well. However, mentally, it sounds so good that you just want to believe that something good is happening in your body when you drink it. 

So, i have spent a good 3 months, spending more than $100 testing the product. Nope... Just didn't work for me... 

Considering the price as well, they are not cheap at all. It is a huge investment if you want to include this into your beauty routine. Oh by the way, this drink actually tastes REALLY GOOD. Taste like Lychee. 

I am sure there are other better things for me to do! I am more willing to try on collagen facials than drinking this! But if i had a lot of money, i don't mind buying the collagen drink too. Even though it doesn't work (really not much difference between drinking & not drinking), it at least make you feel good. hahaha. OK NO. I take back my words!!!! I rather buy a lot of bird nest than buying collagen drinks. See, i'm just fickle minded. 

Alright! I hope you had a good read. This, really, is my most honest opinion. As much as i want to be nice to them by saying it works, it really didn't for me. Too bad. That's all for now! Thanks for reading! 


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  2. Dear, if u have acne, Kinohimitsu that you consumed were not suitable. The one you had is suitable to those with no much problem with their skin except a few issues on pores, dry skin... you should consume Clear activ, drink a lot of plain water, find good facial cleanser.. in short, clear your acne. After no acne problem, you can consume collagen. I had same experience last year, but the promoter told me to clear my skin first. After it's okay, I consumed Diamond Collagen 5300mg.My skin is getting better, my pores are smaller. My friends noticed it..

    you can read this as well

    1. Thanks for your recommendation. I've cleared my acne half a year ago. Will consider your suggestion to Clear activ.

  3. Wow this is sad to hear. I was actually looking forward into buying this product.. too much of bad reviews..haha time to look for another alternative :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. check out trois beautyessentials at . IT is slightly more pricy but the result is just amazing.

  4. Wow this is sad to hear. I was actually looking forward into buying this product.. too much of bad reviews..haha time to look for another alternative :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Not helping Witt my pimples too 😔

    1. Hi Shane,

      I can recommend you another brand which can help up on your pimples and scar. Let me know if you interested. Thanks

  6. i used it for 2 month already.. still didnt skin still dry

    1. i think the collagen drink doesn't help with dry skin or anything much... guess it only helps IF u drink it consecutively for more than 6 months.. but its very costly to buy these bottles. Might as well drink lots of water, eat more fruits and apply moisturisers diligently :) .

  7. i just got the drink for free, this helps!