Monday, December 10, 2018

A journey to finding me

Have you ever come to a phase where you question yourself where you want to be and who you want to be? I have constantly been asking myself this, every year. And every year, a tiny voice tells me that I have a few more years to think about it. One year passed, another year came and on and on and now i'm here. Still thinking that i have a few more years to go? I had goal when i was 20. I wanted to be rich when I turn 30. I want to be doing things that i love and earn money through it.

Yes guys, you are right. I am currently in the state of experiencing what people call a quarter life crisis. This shit is real and it has gotten me into a state where i can see depression knocking on my door. I'm not happy about it. My life sucks. I didn't know what i want anymore. I wasn't sure. It seems like i wanted many things. I didn't know what to focus on anymore. And its ruining my life. Bit by bit... my enthusiasm diminishes. I lost a part of myself - Ms Positivity. The pain ass negativity keeps infiltrating my thoughts. I was depressed, i felt alone. I question my own identity.

As i'm writing this blog now, i am figuring out my life. Welcome to a journey with me where i would be finding myself.... If you are experiencing the same thing now, or have dealt with it before, please share with me. I would love some help here.

Thank you and stay tune.



  1. Came across your blog while googling about UOL. May I suggest journal writing, write at the end of each day about anything and everything. Be comepletely honest with yourself and feel free to unload your thoughts. Keep writing until you feel at ease.

    I was also or maybe still am going through a quarter life crisis but after journal writing for a month I was able to achieve some sort of this is a rly long comment, I wish you all the best :)

    1. i thank you for your suggestion and i will do that. its a good idea.