Saturday, December 15, 2018

A journey to finding me (post 2)

At this age, people around me are going to the next phase. Two of my colleagues, same age as me, got pregnant. They were happy. A friend of mine just got proposed two days ago, she was elated. She had been waiting for this proposal for a long time. A few of my friends (whom i don't talk to much but have been following their IG) posted photos and videos of their upcoming wedding. Another of my guy friend finally got attached and is now travelling with his parents and girlfriend overseas to celebrate Christmas. A close guy friend of mine is planning their BTO & marriage. Everyone seem to be handling themselves well, ready for next adventure. 

And what am i doing here? In relationship, i just broke up. In career, i was rejected for a promotion. Age 25, a crisis age where reality hits hard in your face. Girl needs progression but she is not getting any. Just been truthfully honest to you guys. 

Its raining past few days and the weather has been like my feelings. Really sunny for awhile but turned gloomy and started pouring the next moment.

It makes me want to write a story... A rose that lived in a desert. Once upon a time, there lived a rose who could survive in the desert. The desert was covered with white sand that could sparkle at night. So beautiful that when night comes, the dark sky reflects the sparkle white sand. There, the sky and the land become one, forming a harmonious and most magical moment that you could ever witness. And in this desert, the rose lived alone with no other exist. Her only companions were the white sand and the sky. 

She had petals so soft that they could melt if you touch it, and color so bright and red that looked like fresh blood. But she had thorns so sharp that no one could ever get close to her. Many hundred years passed, the lonely rose grew more beautiful everyday. Perhaps it was God's arrangement, God had sent a boy to her. But the boy was wounded. He laid unconsciously beside the rose. The rose wanted to save him. She gathered her strength and summoned water spirit from deep beneath the sand and gave it to the boy. She shed one of her beautiful petals and turned it to a shelter to protect the boy from the harsh sunlight in the day and the icy cold winds at night. With water and shelter, the boy slowly recovered. He woke up one day and saw the rose. He was mesmerised by her beauty. So beautiful and delicate. He sat there for days watching the rose. There was no conversation but somehow it felt like they could communicate. And they both fell in love... 

The boy wanted to take the rose back to where he came from. He tried to pluck the rose out but he was pricked by her sharp thorns. The boy tried again, and again, and again until his hands were fully covered with blood. The rose could not bear to see him getting hurt and began to tear. A single droplet dripped out from her petal. The boy looked at her. "I know what you mean." And the boy left and never looked back... 

(To both of them, they were part of each other's chapter in life. It was a chapter to the rose realising that she is not alone. It was a chapter to the guy who will remember that the rose had save his life before.) 

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