Thursday, October 3, 2019


A few days back I decided to chop off the extra baggage and also because I was feeling so dull with my long hair. Here are the TOP 5 REASONS WHY WE SHOULD GO FOR SHORT HAIR: 

My long hair took me 2 hours to dry naturally while my short hair only took me less than an hour. If i blow dry them, it will take me less than 5 mins. How great! Suitable for lazy people like me. 

As short hair itself is already super dupe, you pretty much can leave your short hair as it is. Smack some makeup on your face and wear some hot clothes and you will look like a hot babe. 

Maybe its because of my long hair, i've been getting back acne for months now. Long hair tend to catch a lot of dust and dirt outside and so they can affect your back, causing back acne. 

Usually hair salons charge cheaper for short hair vs long hair. Yay! Save that money! 

Honestly i've never felt better. Because my previous hair was pretty long, I can feel the major change in my look after the hair cut as its feels like i had a heavy baggage unloaded. Trust me i did it to make myself feel better. Now my hair is so light and fluffy it makes me feel psychologically lighter! 

I hope this post is helpful for you if you are also wondering if you should go for a short hair look. You never know how it turns out until you try! I know this is a super short post. I will come back soon with another post! 


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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


From mouldy dust smell to new wallpaper, repainted furnitures and fresh linen...

Hello beautiful ones, today i bring you through my journey on HOW I TRANSFORM MY HONG KONG APARTMENT (to the best i could).

Hong Kong, you've totally tested my limits and patience. As you would know, housing is a big issue in Hong Kong. Flats are ultra small. Old buildings with leaking water coming from the air-con. If you are thinking about moving to Hong Kong (on a non-expat package), you need to think twice about the housing condition here (whispering to you: its pretty bad).

I was lucky enough to rent a much bigger flat than most people. Two rooms, one living room, one kitchen a toilet. I was told not to expect much because this is an old flat. Everything is old. So i mentally prepared myself but i totally missed out something - if something is very old, you should also expect that moldy smell. I completely miss this out.

Strong mould smell greeted me when i opened that door. What have i got myself into? Why did i do this?! Anyhow, after staying for one week i know this flat needs to be tear down and rebuild (literally). Well at the very least, those old wallpaper needs to go. Its making my nose itch.

I spent a total of 4 weeks to complete everything. I only had the weekend free to do since i had my full time job during weekdays.

My bedroom before

In the process of renovation...

I also learned how to plaster wall. 

Adding on to the mouldy smell, my legs were ridiculously bitten by idk-wtf insects. I only realised its coming from beneath the mattress/the mattress when i was doing a deep clean in the bedroom.


I had a total 5 of these bites on both legs. The bites were so big even after 3 months, i'm still suffering from the scars. These idk-wtf insects were all living beneath the bed!!! So apparently the bed is a storage bed and apparently, the owner has his whole junk of items untouched which i predict for at least 5 years. 
I had to clear all these away.

After changing the wallpaper, repainting the furnitures, DIY cupboard knob, layering vinyl flooring, new curtains, new mattress and bedsheet, my bedroom is finally coming together. 

Isn't this looking SO MUCH BETTER?

Now comes the living room 

My living room before

And my living room after

You are welcome. Its looking so much better now.

Thing I've learned through this renovation: 
1. How to stick wallpaper
2. How to plaster the wall
3. How to overlay my floor with vinyl tiles
4. How to paint my furnitures and shine them

I purchased most of the renovating items from Taobao and that includes wallpaper and vinyl tiles. They are sold at a really affordable price!!!

To be honest, i'm very proud to how far i've come for this renovation. It took me so much patience and tolerance. I had to wait till weekend to continue my renovation because I had to work in the weekdays. There were a few times when i thought i should just change to a better apartment. But seriously, its really expensive to rent apartment in HK. They are expensive and ultra small.

I also have to thank my aunty, her husband and my boyfriend who came to help me. Without them, i really don't think i can make it. Its just too much work!

But i am glad that this is all over now.

So that's it my lovely ones! Hope you like this post I shared. And again, if you are thinking about moving to HK on your own, think again.


Friday, June 28, 2019


Hello beautiful ones! I terribly apologise for the lack of posting. I spent a few months reflecting and enclosing myself "in a circle". Really want to thank all my friends and family who showed me support and care. I am feeling much better now.

And if you are not following my Instagram, which i am very active on, you are missing out! I have moved to Hong Kong! It has been a month since i came here, back to my old hometown. Just a brief background about myself: I was born in Hong Kong and migrated over to Singapore when i was 5. After graduated, I landed myself in a very good company and after 2.5 years of rolling, a thought came across my mind. "It is now or never". And here i am, transferred to Hong Kong. A whole new experience, new colleagues, new work environment.

There are so many things i want to talk about since moving here! My housing issue... the people here... It's just crazy. And that's when a thought suddenly came up (sorry i have many random thoughts everyday) - I CAN DO VLOGS!!!

Still working on it now. There are just that many hours in a day for you, for me, for everyone and really only these much you could do a day. So let's all work hard.

A sunset picture for you that i took in Beijing when i was having a meeting there two weeks ago.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Need Alone Time

Hello beautiful ones! I can't believe we are already in Mid-November! (Hearing Christmas bells ringing). Who is excited for Christmas and long holidays? Well... definitely me for sure. Ever since I started working, it took me a while to realise that, damn, i'm really into adulthood now. Am i enjoying my adulthood? Honestly.... nope.... I miss school frequently. I miss the carefree life style, the 'i don't care if i finish my hmk, my lecturer can't do anything about it' mentality, stay home movie days, experimenting new cooking dishes etc.... The only thing i didn't like about those carefree days is - I'M NOT PAID. Right now, i have a job in a lovely industry earning very reasonable pay check. I can basically spend on good meals, good clothes and take a lot of Grab rides without really looking at the bank account. I could afford my first branded bag - Celine, and a second branded bag - Prada, both bought in Paris few months ago. But as i get paid in a job, i'm losing something... I'm losing my time.

What does that even mean? I mean my very own time. My personal time. I spend most of my time working. It's like 9-6 job. I wake up at 7.20am, start preparing for work, 1hour transport journey to office, finish work at 6 but most of the time i really only get my ass up at 6.20-ish clearing last min stuff. By the time i reach home, it's about 7.30pm. I take a shower, have my dinner and its already close to 9pm. I go to bed at about 11 every day. So I literally only have 2 precious hours to myself on weekdays.

On a weekend, i spend my time with my boyfriend, or with my family, or with friends. Everyday on a general basis, i only have that 3 hours for myself. Do you know how much i cherish my alone time? A lot :( . i love spending alone time... watching movies and shows. Gardening... cooking... Oh yeah nowadays i barely cook. I just don't have that motivation. When you cook, u need buy ingredients and u spend time washing dishes after cooking. And all i want to do during this alone time is really just to sit down and watch my shows quietly. I feel like myself again when i do that. My thoughts are quiet. I need not entertain anybody. I am just..... me....

A lot has been going on lately in my life. I consistently ask myself, is this what i want? what do i really want? how can i get there? To be honest, i'm ... lost. Where has all my positive energy go?! Well... i need to find back me. i need time. Lots of alone time.

So yes, this is a short post about what is up with my weird thoughts recently. Till i come back me.... ciao~!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Zurich Trip

Hello All ! Wow its been a long time. The last post was on December last year. lol. This year has been an exciting year so far. I was travelling almost every month for the first half of this year. 

Before I go in-depth, i want to quickly share why i'm suddenly blogging again. Honestly i didn't have any inspiration for this blog for a long time. Or maybe.. i'm just lazy. Then someone asked me on my IG why aren't i blogging anymore. At that moment, I said to myself "wow someone actually reads it?". So ok, as long as one person is reading. I will continue to blog. Thank you @skmcyy . 

I was saying i've been travelling almost every month for the first half of this year. I was in Hong Kong in Feb, then went to Macau in March, then Shanghai in April and went to Europe in May. 

I was travelling for work in Zurich, Switzerland. (I extended my trip and took leave to go to Milan and Paris. Why not right? Will blog about that soon i promise :P ). 

The whole Europe trip has been amazing! Every city and places took my breathe away. Such an eye opener. I'm sorry to say this but this is my first time travelling out of Asia countries. I was soooooo happy and excited ! Until now (almost 3 months passed), i'm still reminiscing this trip. 

I love the air in Zurich, love the affordable Aqua Panna, love the mountains, love the buildings.. I love everything there except - pricey clothes. Yeah... they sell pretty expensive stuff in Zurich. High cost of living. I also love eating my Spaghetti at Bellevue (I literally went back again the next day for lunch). I will order a glass of wine or ice tea to pair with my food for every meal. The people there really knows how to enjoy their life. Its not surprising to see the westerners sitting at the cafes/restaurants by the road and just chilling with their beer or wine IN THE AFTERNOON. But yeah.. i think i mixed myself pretty well when i was here. haha. 

I went to see the famous Grossmunster, Lindenhorf, Old Town, Rhine Fall... Dine at Stallikon - Uetliberg, visited Läderach chocolate factory, had BBQ on a rented Yacht taking us from Lachen back to Zurich and basically really blending in with their culture LOL. 

Here are some things i noticed while in Zurich: 
1. Most of the streets are empty - Its like a ghost town. I could barely see anyone on streets unless you go to the touristy area. But somehow i also love the empty streets. It's so chilling, uncluttered and peaceful. 
2. The shop closes really early at 7pm. The restaurants closed by 8pm. 
3. The swiss love to enjoy their life. They love to sit at the outdoor area, with their wine/beer and just chill. Suddenly you feel yourself moving slower too. Once you slow down, u can feel the mountains, the wind, the blue sky, the life. 
4. Blue skies in Switzerland. Definitely the most blue sky i've seen so far. Absolutely amazing. 
5. You have to be ON TIME when taking the train. The train don't wait for you and once you miss it, you miss it. Its best you know the train schedule beforehand. 
6. In Zurich, you can walk. The streets are all linked and your best travel tool is your feet. Highest record 22,000 steps in Zurich. 

Location: Oberdorf (In Old Town) 
I love this picture simply because there was a stranger (whom also have beautiful golden hair) sitting there, the beautiful art wall at both sides in this narrow alley, the evening sun shinning at the my outfit and the blue sky.  

Location: Somewhere near the Zurich Lake 

Location:  Zurich Lake 

Location: Beside Grossmunster

Location:  On top of the hill at Linderhof 
Can u see on your right that there's these 2 tall structures? That's Grossmunster :)

Location: Oberdorf (In Old Town) 
I also love this picture because i like how the stranger suddenly pops out in my photo and it creates a memory forever. 

Location: Rhinefall 
The largest waterfall in Europe.

Location: Zurich subway station
Heading to Rhinefall !!! My first train ticket !!! I gotta take a picture :D

Location: Outside Laderach Chocolate Factory , Bilten 
Look at the mountains and the sky... I'm so thankful for this. 

Location: Zurich (somewhere near Park Hyatt Hotel where we stayed during this trip)
Just finished dinner and heading back to hotel. Saw this beautiful building with the street lights and the damp road (it just rained) and i had to take a picture. Somehow it just looks so 'romantically pleasing'. 

Location: Mt. Rigi 

Its an hour car ride from Zurich to Lucerne. From Lucerne take an hour boat ride to Vitznau. And from Vitznau take the cogwheel train up to Mount Rigi. You definitely MUST SEE Mt. Rigi. ITS SPEECHLESSLY BREATHTAKING ! 

Location: On the way to Mt. Rigi (In the cogwheel train)
 Look at the view !!! 

Location: On the way to Mt. Rigi (In the cogwheel train)
Oh this is stunning. No edits at all. A gorgeous painting to me. 

Location: At Lucerne (ready to take the boat to Vitznau) 
There's a souvenir store at Lucerne and as usual i wrote myself a post card. (Its my own tradition. I write myself a post card every time i visit a new city). 

Location: Mt. Rigi
I laid down on the green grass...look at the ice mountain, the blue sky, the swiss radio playing. This is my life. I don't want to leave this place. 

Location: Uetliberg 

Took a train ride from Zurich to Uetliberg. Once again, switzerland took my breathe away. I can still remember the 360 view. The air, the breeze and there was a rainbow when we were there! After soaking myself with the view as much as possible, my friends and I headed to the restaurant (the little glasshouse that's behind me in this picture) for dinner. 

Location: On the lake from Lachen to Zurich

BBQ Buffet dinner, wine, cheese, bread, Aqua panna !!! Sunset... What else can i ask for? Btw, when this photo was taken, it was already 9pm. The sun only completely sets at 10pm during the summer days. 

Location: On the lake from Lachen to Zurich

And this photo sums up my trip in Zurich. 

I took more than 500 photos in Zurich. And lots of IG stories. You can click on to 'Zurich' on my highlights on IG and check out the stories! 

If you haven't been to Switzerland before, I highly recommend. Like really, I recommend it 500%.