Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Update :)

#1 Did you guys come to Scape yesterday for the bazaar brought to you by Ngee Ann Poly? We were pretty amazing! Hope i do well for this project. #Fingerscross

#2 Really addicted to whatsapp and taking random pics to send my friend. Believe it or not. I had a solid 3 hours of sleep in the morning from 6-8 and i woke up, prepare for the flea. Well thanks to partying at Neverland. Its a good thai disco. haha

#3 Had a blast on friday night. Remember i had only 2 hours of sleep? And i went out again the night after the flea. This time, thanks to @siewhui who dragged me to Powerhouse. Truth is, i don't like powerhouse because its super squeeze and there are really a lot of guys. So i met nicki and co to MBK after hanging at St James for a bit.

What's with thai disco this week? lols.


Sorry i've been partying whole night these 2 days. Hope everyone have a GREAT TIME this weekend! Finally having a photoshoot next sunday and yeah, gonna get some pretty sexy photos :) #Dontjudgeme just because i party a lot this week. Sometimes, you just need to be crazy when you are still young.

Time for project now. Stay fabulous!

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