Sunday, January 29, 2012

quick update :)

I just received 2 more pictures from the photographer. This was taken a month ago!

Shirt and bottom can be purchased from Cotton On. They are pretty cheap :)

Now, who is ready to play mahjong?! I love playing mahjong. Guess its the genes i have. I'm born in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people love playing mahjong. haha.

Hope you guys have a happy chinese new year :)
I spent mine watching fireworks in Malaysia and going to friend's house for gatherings. My parents are not in Singapore. GOOD. They spent it in Hong Kong, leaving me and my sister in Singapore. Nevertheless, the ang bao money should be able to make those losses.

I'm gonna do a make up post real soon! I bought many new make up stuff and i wanna share them with you guys! Stay tune!

Stay Fabulous

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