Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello beautiful people! How did u guys spend your week?! I'm just posting some random pictures! Don't give up on me and stop reading my blog! lols. I'm trying to be efficient in everything. TRYING.

Not sure if this is gonna be a long post or a short post. I'm just gonna write down what i feel like during these moments.

School is supposed to be fun and exciting because you get to meet your friends and ur secret admire, right? Its supposed to be cool but recently i lack this feel. I'm not looking forward to school. I'm not focusing in my school stuff. All i want is to stay at home and watch tv. And let me tell you something. My way of thinking is totally wrong and i should start being active in school!


So i'm trying really hard to concentrate and god bless me :)
Remember Bazaar? I love this picture that my friend took! Her camera is awesome because i look flawless in it. Remember what i said? I was drinking all night before bazaar and i had only 2 hours of sleep. This is how i look like when my body is high in alcohol content and lack of sleep. Not bad what! haha. And you never guess what happen after bazaar. I went party again! Totally sleep deprive.

Also, i didn't put on a lot of makeup. No eyeliner. Just mascara. This is mostly my bare face picture. To that one person who says i look very normal without makeup, thanks! I think i look just fine! I did a post to answer all the form spring questions but the fonts are all wrong and i don't know how to adjust it so i deleted the post away.

These 2 weeks is a BLAST. I party all night long. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. To be honest, i hate clubbers when i was below 18. I think the reason why they club is because they wanna grind somebody and they have sex in the toilet, just like the movies. And i told myself, i'm just gonna try clubbing when i turn 18. If i like it then okay, if i don't like it then so be it too.

Reasons why i club:

#1 The feel
#2 The music
#3 The drinks
#4 The friends
#5 Maybe the pole

If i have all that, i club. Forget about grinding and looking for hot chicks. You only grind the person u like. I have never grind a stranger before. #Honest

Feel as though i'm tweeting when i'm blogging. lol

Butter Factory

Joel just whatsapp me last night when i was heading to home club and asked if i wanna go butter with him and his friends. Haven't seen him since September last year so i said ok. Well. my intention was just to see them for awhile and see how they are doing. No use getting Jo to VIP because i just realize it doesn't make a difference. haha!
Jo said he wanna take some pics so i said ok and this was the first attempt. The flash was so bright i couldn't help it but turned away and laughed. Totally not drunk yet. I dunno why i look as though i'm drunk when i'm perfectly fine.
2nd attempt. Better but still... I couldn't open up my eyes properly. 4S's flash light!!!
Had a few drinks and i headed back to HomeClub to see my friends.

Teenage magazine!

Feb issue for teenage magazine is out! GO AND GRAB A COPY NOW PRETTY PEOPLE!
i thought my shoot will only be shown in a small column on one page. Totally have no idea that i have 3 full pages! Thanks Yazmin!
Btw, i dunno what was wrong with my face during the photoshoot. My eyelid was terrible because its not balanced and my face was swollen. -.-" Friends say i look better in real life. I agree.

But its a pleasure shooting for teenage magazine! Next up, maybe FHM magazine? hahaha.

Butter Factory
In case u r wondering why i have two butter factory part. Thats because the first one was on Friday and this one now is on Wednesday. Awesome friends i made. BLAST x3 .

My bedroom
U know my habit. I whatsapp my friend and took pictures sometimes to show what i'm doing.

Hope you have a Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm happy now because i finally did my brazilian waxing. Follow my tweets. Sometimes u get good deals.

For models:
Lingerie photoshoot
Payout: $150/hr , 2hrs

pm me if interested for more details babe.

Stay fabulous.

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