Sunday, February 12, 2012

Helipad & WaveHouse

Hello beautiful people! How did u spend your saturday night?

Mine was totally awesome! Too bad if u didn't call me to get guest lists to Helipad! LOL. alright, i'm just joking. But Helipad was fun last night. Not too bad, i have got about 26 girls coming with me. I apologize if i can't party with you all all the way becausei need to work at the same time too.
Its been a long time since i have seen Jue Yin. She is getting prettier! And she brought her friends here.
And the other group of girls brought by Willabelle. Thanks babes!

Sweety Kwan Wei, i heard she was damn high and vomited twice last night. HAHA. and she tweeted that its really sick puking.

The girls were awesome. They finished 3 bottles within 1 and half hour. And i got them a bottle of tequila, sarongfly (Super Hot Drink in Helipad) and 2 more bottles of vodka. That ends the night with no single drip of alcohol left.

So while everyone was getting high, i was still receiving calls from other girls who were heading down to Helipad. Busy but i love it! At least i went totally crazy after 1 am. ;p

So are you thinking about going to Helipad this coming week for ladies night?
CONTACT ME FOR VIP + DRINKS! I welcome all girls!

If you need to bring some guys in, just let me know? Will talk about it on whatsapp/msg. If you don't have my number, give me a Facebook msg? Because i cannot write down my number here or else i will be having many prank calls. haha.

Click here for my Facebook link.
Click here for Helipad's event on ladies night!

I see you girls there for ladies night!
A group of 4 girls get a bottle of sarong fly!
Just contact me babes!

So after a crazy night, i went warehouse today to chill. But before you see those pictures, i wanna ask something!

Does this girl looks like me? HAHA. A lot of people say i look like seohyun (sth like tt) from SNSD. Well, some photos look similar. I don't know! I should feel flattered about it. :P .

If you are thinking right now:
"This is bullshit, who do u think u are? U are ugly as fuck."
Then by all means, go ahead and form ur own opinions! I'm just saying. :)

Wavehouse! Met so many new friends!
The thing about having a hangover and buying a long island iced tea just so you feel better.
I love the sun! I love this picture.

And i had chicken kimchi hot pot mixed rice and i'm back home.

Well, i'm going to study now. You know you should learn to party and get good grades at the same time? :)

Stay Fabulous !


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