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I know i have been clubbing a lot lately. Its almost every Wed & Sat. Sometimes Friday too. Anw, today is Saturday. I will be at Helipad. Where will you guys be at? If you are thinking of a place to party, come Helipad :) . For guest lists, drop me a message on fb. If any of your friends knows me, you can get my number and text me!

For the sweeties who don't know what guest lists means, it just means that the entry is free! I'm surprised how some of my cutest friends asked me what's the entry fee when they are already under my guest lists. HEHE.

So i went HomeClub last night! And Helipad and Attica too. I got the entry for Attica but when i reached there after Helipad at 3am, my friends wanna go back home. So i haven't stepped into Attica yet. It was so packed last night at Helipad. And HomeClub is always chill.
Birthday Boy that night :))

met some of my new friends here. :) Awesome people.

Can you see a hand at the left side, pointing to my phone? HAHA. i think Nicki was complaining why i'm always looking at my phone.


If you realize, i hold my phone in almost every picture that i took.
I met Samuel again!!! LOL. Once i saw him at Butter, once at Helipad, and i don't know. Its almost every club that i go, he will be there. Too bad i didn't take a picture with him.
And i met Daryl too! haha. I always wonder why is his skin so fair....

Just randomly taking pictures.
Got these pictures from the guy beside me here! Photos are credited to Paul !
I look pissed off here because Paul was trying to taking pictures and it failed a lot of times. Like i have to pose there and freeze then when i finally gave up, SNAP, he got it. -.-" And Bryan came from my back and smile. YA LOR.


With birthday boy.
Love this picture cause i photoshop it. HAHA.

Last night was pretty chill. I always control my alcohol intake unless i wanna get crazy that night. When i get crazy, you guys be aware. If you wanna see me crazy, mostly u will see it in Helipad. Its like my little home. HAHA.

Outfit for last night:
Long black chiffon maxi dress. Its transparent after the knee length. $69
Necklace $29.90
All from Far East Basement Lvl!

Oh hello the clothes are not really cheap there. I love the clothes they sell in this shop but i never tried remembering what is this shop's name. haha. my bad i apologize!

Tonight i will be wearing:
Clothes from F21. Hopefully i can buy some because i wanna be colorful tonight :)

See you guys at Helipad! PM me for guest lists beautiful people! Guys and Girls.

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