Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How much do you know about woman?

It is just going to be a wordy post today because it is time for thoughts session! The topic today is.... NOTHING. Sorry i won't focus on one topic because i tend to go out of the box, or rather i would suddenly come out of another topic to say.

So i was talking about buying a good camera and a ring light. Why do we need ring light? Don't you know? Pretty pictures usually come with good lightings! And with a good camera of course. They come as a pair. And i think my blog would be nicer if my pictures are nice and perfect. I like things to be nice, good and organized (but my bedroom is super messy now... #contradiction). How many of you here have twitter? If you tweet, u would know what this '#' means!

Ok, i just thought of one topic! I wanna talk about boys!

I am not bragging but i do receive a lot of msgs from guys on Facebook. Ok if you want to call me a bitch/fugly or whatever now, go form ur own opinions because i am just sharing. The thing about making friends with strangers. I don't know about you dolls but i don't usually will want to meet up with a stranger or talk to him like i have known him for many years. There is a difference between talking to a stranger introduced by your friend (meaning u are actually seeing him face to face) and on the internet. I never feel safe giving out my number to strangers i meet on the net, unless maybe well... my intuition tells me that it is ok.

I follow my heart most of the time rather than my brain

Also, i may contradict myself a bit here - where i said i don't talk to him like i have known him for many years. Sometimes the feeling comes, i talk like how i would talk to friend whom i have known for many years with a stranger. Sorry guys, i am being over-friendly sometimes. However, i feel like i haven't been really doing this for a while. Maybe unless on twitter! I use a lot of '!' and ":)" on twitter.

I tell you it makes a whole difference when you use "!" and ":)" instead of just the words alone.


Alright, i get it.
Alright! I get it! :)

Which one sounds more friendly to you? Don't be stupid to choose the first one okay? You definitely feel better when you receive the 2nd kind of text than the 1st one. Or maybe you can imagine your lover texting you without "!" and ":)" . I think you will feel like him/her suddenly "don't like" you.

Right... so i was talking about guys!

The main point is... when they were introducing themselves or trying to make friends with me (which didn't interest me a lot), i was actually thinking of ways that a guy should do to make a successful friendship with the girl.

I imagine i am the guy now. I am talking to this girl whom i want to make friends with. Let's say on Facebook.

Introduce yourself nicely. Short and Sweet.

I bet a girl would like this! Like a simple 'Hey, i am John/Peter. 21 this year. Thanks for accepting my friend request!"

YES - I think it is better to put "!" because it shows the girl that you are really interested in this.

DON'T NO. 1 - "Hey, i am John/Peter. 21 this year. Let me introduce myself. I work at ABC Bank. I love fishing, reading books, playing golf and i am very much a carefree person. Beside that, i like to eat curry and rice. I don't like Italian food because i am Asian. If you are free one day, maybe we can meet up?"

WAHLAO... SERIOUSLY??? hahahahaha! That is really too fast. Girls like it slow and cool.

DON'T NO. 2 - "Hey, i am John/Peter. 21 this year. Thanks for accepting my friend request. I love your dp and you look really sweet and pretty. I wish to know you more."

Although this sounds very sweet and if a girl hears that, she probably will like it & say thanks BUT won't want to talk to you further. Do you know why? BECAUSE SHE WILL THINK TT YOU ARE A SWEET TALKER AND YOU WANNA COURT HER RATHER THAN MAKING FRIENDS WITH HER.

So, don't tell this girl is pretty the first time you talk to her. Girls like it cool. JUST STAY COOL.

If you think Step 1 doesn't work for you, then come out with something interesting to talk about. Keep her entertained. But RMB TO ACT COOL, as if like you don't really care but you sort of care. If you understand that, then you are ready to go and you can ignore the rest of the steps. LOL.

Usually for me, i would type "haha thanks :)." or "Hey. haha. thanks." LOL. Don't get deceived by my 'haha' because i use this to break awkward moments and i still want to sound friendly to you but in fact, i am not interested to talk to you. So what are you gonna do?

Base on my experience, i would prefer a guy to ask me questions BUT not personal questions.

DON'T : "What do you like?" "How tall are you?" "Are you single?" "I love your hair?" "Where do you usually hang out?" "Do you know Johnny? (mutual friend)"

Ask something general. I am sure in Facebook, u get to see her interest and from her pics, u know what kind of stuff she do. Ok, lets say i model so of course i like fashion.

And a good question would be : "You model right? So what kind of fashion u like?"

If she is interested in your topic, she will continue talking. If she talks 3-5 sentences about it or even just 1, it means you didn't bingo!!! Then try again. But don't try too hard. You will just irritate her and she will decide to ignore you.

Step 5:
"Kacey, i try to talk to her but she doesn't seem to care still ! Your 4 steps are lousy shit!"
You know why? BECAUSE SHE IS JUST NOT INTERESTED IN YOU LAAAA! Its either she doesn't like you or she finds you unattractive. Then what do you do?


First time failed, try the second time and the third, fourth or fifth. Just remember to be patient and stay cool.

Remember i am talking about friendships, not a courtship.

I know the ultimate aim is to get her phone number!

If you didn't do the first 5 steps, please ever fk try to ask for her number! Well it may work for some girls but definitely not me. Unless i am interested to make friends with you too. But honestly, if a girl is interested in you, you don't have to make much efforts in getting her number because she will hint you about it.

Final step! AND I THINK THIS IS THE GOAL STEP. (wooh, i-finally-got-her-number step.)

This may sound silly and ridiculous but i think it works.

FINAL STEP/STEP 7/ wooh, i-finally-got-her-number-step:
Ask where the girl is going and then lie, "Oh i am going there later too!" Ok, actually you didn't lie because after hearing where she is going, you go there. To do what? FIND HER.

But hey, don't be an idiot and tell her that. Here is what the conversation might look like:

The reason why sometimes a girl doesn't want to give you her number is because she doesn't know if you are a bad guy or a good guy. So the best way is to show up (UNEXPECTEDLY for her but on purpose for you) in front of her. Then when you see her, act surprise though u were finding her like crazy... and say, "eh??... such a coincidence."

And YAY! You nailed it bro.

She will give you her number if she finds you attractive. Normally pictures don't give you justice.

I hope i have make myself pretty clear here and hope it is helpful to guys out there who want to make friends with a girl TRUTHFULLY! If you are using my tips to help you court a girl or do nasty stuff, karma will find you and you will suffer a terrible death. lol ok it is a bit harsh but i am serious.

The most important thing is still to make friends with your heart. Not ur penis, guys.

That's all for today!

Stay fab!

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