Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I believe in miracle now...

wow just when i asked how to survive for my internship for my last post, a miracle happened today! LOL.

I was bored and I was thinking, " am i really gonna stand the whole day today?? :(( " . Suddenly the HR manager asked who can help in the HR department and i quickly rise up my hand. Hello, i like HR! No need to wear uniform,in the office, office hours. Cool or not? So i'm transferred from the operations in budget terminal to Terminal 1 office :) .

Today went off well!

The best moment for today is this

White roses shown at my door step...

Flowers flew all the way from New South Wales to Singapore! And whats more its all in white. Now you know, i love white roses.

Do you know how happy i was? Until now. hahahaha. My dear Nicki wrote me a note too.

I don't have a vase, so i substitute it with this glass bottle :) . It's beautiful even though i taken off the white wrapper.

A surprise like this makes up the rest of my days in the week. :)

And its also the first time i received flowers at my door step and from overseas. wooh~~

I am can sleep while smiling in my dreams now.

Goodnights beautiful ones. Those who r going for ladies night today, have fun!

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