Friday, March 2, 2012

If only...

Sorry! You know i have been talking about SARONGFLY lately right? If you haven't come to Helipad before, u won't know what it is.

So here is the SARONGFLY!
It is a bottle and we drink from it straight. You can pour to a glass too but i prefer doing the straight forward way. If not, from a shot glass. haha.

These are the pictures from last Wednesday! What happen to this Wednesday? I didn't take any pictures. I was too busy and i got drunk too fast. It was such an emotional night last night. To be honest, i cried so badly and i called my beloved. I thank everyone for taking care of me! Especially jueyin and sam. They were so nice to me. And Duo and his friends.

Continue later*

Kong says, "Come here! We need a picture together!"

He always give me heart shapes and say 'good job' to me. haha Yes, good job to him too.
Dear Jocelyn who KO so fast that night! haha.
One more picture with her.

Check out the background. There I'm talking about Kong, there he is hugging a girl. Wahlao what is this?! haha. It is so funny when i realize the picture's background. Sorry i think i was about to blink when this picture was taken.

So who was the one who helped me take all these pictures? Hehe, i present to you the photographer for that night

SHANE! *tingting*

I love his camera. It makes my skin so fair, cause of the lightings.

Anw, i was saying... Sigh never mind. I don't know where to start and how to end it too. Forgive me for crying last night. But i'm feeling lots better now. At least for the moment. I don't cry when i am drunk. I usually laugh, except for this time.

Whose coming Helipad this Saturday? Pm me for guest lists! Thanks for those who came under my guest lists. I hope you guys had a blast! I'm sure you do cause i made most of the girls at my table drunk. HAHA.

Alright, have a good night. I need to wake up early in the morning to sign a letter of agreement in the airport tmr! My internship starts on Monday!

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