Friday, March 16, 2012


Hello guys, i decided to do a long post tonight before i head to slumberland. It has been 2 hectic weeks for me! And i have about 20 more weeks to go on before i can have my long holidays! It is my internship/attachment period.

If you follow my twitter, you should know by now that i'm working in the Changi Airport! At first i was totally disappointed with the job that i am posted to. I thought my internship will suck then. And then, as i mentioned, miracles happened! I am in the Human Resource Department for SATS now!

SATS is a big company for Low Cost Carriers (LCC) . In case u don't know what is LCC, it is those budget airlines that we refer to. Working in the airport is so much fun. Every morning, i see passengers with luggages and different races together.

The best part of this job is that i am allowed to enter to the Departure Hall! Hell yes! I mean Duty Free Shops indirectly! I am so excited to blog about the two make up items that i've bought so far in Terminal 1. (yeah, my office is at T1).

Wanna show you guys a make up that i always do when i party nowadays!

Bought a Lancome Artliner (Eyeliner) for $35.20
and a Dior Red Lipstick for $35.70
Prices are after Staff discount and inclusive of GST. Duh~ I still need to pay GST though. But the price is not much a difference from the price that they are selling in the Departure Area. I feel like i'm shopping every time when i'm having lunch break during work. There are all the branded stuff and there is Charles and Keith! LOL. Gosh the shoes are selling at a much cheaper price than outside at town! Seriously, i am planning to spend 30% of my pay for these stuff.

Talking about makeup, don't ask me why i'm buying branded make up items. If you think i shouldn't buy such expensive make up products at this age then u might be wrong! It is the quality that i trust and because it is directly apply to my skin, i need to be really careful with items that i use. Maybe i should write a list of products use on my face! But mainly, make up brands for me are usually brands like Lancome, Mac, Shu Umera, Dior, Estee Lauder.

I haven't try Bobbi Brown yet! I'm thinking if i should buy that highlight concealer now. I think i sound a little crazy over make up products here. (><). Sorry, i am a person who is totally IN LOVE WITH MAKE UP. It is not because i lack of confidence of myself or that i need make up to survive. But really it is because i like doing 'magic' on my face and enhancing my features with the use of make up.

I don't believe in certain types of typical things that people usually say, like:

"I like natural beauty"
Sure i do too but tell me, do use facial cleanser? Facial cleanser is a skin care product. How natural can you be? You may mean no make up, but hell, if you can look good with no make up then good for you!

And then you may say

"It is about the inner beauty"
Of course i admire people with inner beauty too. But doesn't both outer and inner matters? i think it is a bonus if appearance is good too.

And other typical stuff that people say

"I love you no matter what you become"
It is a long story but sorry I DON'T BELIEVE IN THIS! Different people have different definition of love. I define it as a whole package. Though there will be exceptions like if i really love this person so damn much i can die for him :) . Then the rest is just bullshit. A little contradicting but u know what?

Love is inexplicable.

Anyway, let's get back to work! The other thing i like about this job is that i can see planes flying now and then! I will be at the RAMP area. I have to walk past the runway to reach the HR office, so i often see SIA departing. Sometimes i see JetStar and Cathay Pacific. The feeling is really good when you hear the planes taking off in the clear blue sky. And oh it is very windy there! LOL.

Another cool thing: My job is office hours. So that makes me free on weekends! And yes, Helipad every Saturday as usual :) .
The beautiful sky on 15th March 2012 :)
I think it is really breathtaking.

If you have forgotten, ytd was my Birthday! For this special day, i took a cab to work and took a cab back home. Just so i don't have to take a 2 hrs ride journey (one way). That makes my transportation to and fro 4 freaking hours! So i spent close to $65 on cab fare yesterday to work and back home.

Thinking about this money, i could have used it for a new lipstick or a new shoe! urgh! lol.


Yes i'm a tweet freak now i think :(

And my Birthday cake from Daddy :) . How i love it!

And on the 14th night, my friends came over to surprise me with a birthday cake. I was so happy to see them! The surprise kinda failed because the lighter was spoilt! LOL.

Aww this cake is so beautiful with the sparklers. I love cakes with sparklers and number candles! Norman especially ordered these sparklers from UK! It is a star shape.

I don't know about you but Hong Kong people have these kind of candles when they celebrate their birthday. I wonder why Singapore don't have :( .

I felt so extremely happy on the 15th, i was smiling all the way. ALL THE WAY. From the moment i woke up, to work, back home and sleep.
Moet and Sarongflys!

Anw, don't forget our date at Helipad tomorrow, Saturday! I am celebrating my belated birthday there! Well, if you wanna come and say hi/happy belated birthday to me i will give u a big hug :) HAHA.

pm me for guest lists guys :) . Will see you there.

And thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I am really touched that at least u made an effort to wish me a simple Happy Birthday. For that, i thank you and may all ur wishes come true too :)

Tonight, i will have a good night sleep and get ready for tomorrow. Actually, honestly, i feel a little worried. Trying to keep cool.

You won't realize how a person who is usually laughing and joking can be really vulnerable inside. If only you know...

Goodnights peeps,
today i wish for the best for everyone.

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