Friday, March 30, 2012

When i think of a party place...

Hello guys! I know i have been partying at Helipad freaking often lately and i think i just like Helipad more & more! Everyone in the club is so nice! Sometimes i go Helipad just because i wanna see some of the people there.

Anw, i have 2 different nights of pictures here.

Taken like a month ago!
Jocelyn always upload the pictures super late ;x. haha. Oh this night she went drunk first and she went home early. It was funny.
People think me and the guy on the left is my brother because he has a 'yuen' on his name too and we are both from Hong Kong.

And this Ian Ghwee made me drink pure vodka every time, i'm telling this to everyone now that i don't like to drink pure vodka!

My preferred drinks:
Cranberry Vodka (i know it is super common)
SARONGFLY from helipad!!!!

These 4 are always the usuals when i heli-heli (it means when I'm clubbing at Helipad :) )

I love the make up i wore this night.

Bright Orange lips goes with my clothes for that night :)

And now i bring to you last Saturday's madness!!!!!
ALEX DREAMZ and JD LIVE all the way from Los Angeles!!!

I swear the music was damn good i can almost never forget that night. But all along Helipad's music is damn good. hahaha. Of cuz, it means a lot with the people you are with too :)
And that night, all my hotties and babes came :) . Patricia!

It was quite a big event, all the sports cars were there, like a car show. LOL. McLaren, Ferrari, Lambo and dunno what else >< . Thanks for the ride home btw.
That's me and i dunno why i was doing that...

My best, Kong. I look so small beside him! Or is it the angle's problem? This night, i went for a Smokey eye and nude lip look :)

I love Helipad! Last time i used to party at Butter Fact but hello~~~ Helipad looks more tasty now. And thanks to the boss who gave me so many good stuff. hahaha. All those sarongflys and jagerbombs that i like. All my friends were happy! And also Vallence for those bottles of vodkas. hahaha.


U can pm me for guest lists to Helipad for Wed/Sat.
Contact me thru my Facebook (click here) or thru twitter(click here). But sometimes i can't read twitter's msg.

I am friendly and everyone knows that! Just wait till u see me :)

Btw, i only allow guest lists if the ratios are okay. Girls and guys should be around the same number. For example, 4 girls & 5 guys is ok. But best is to keep the girls more than the guys, because you know why? I will tell u why when u get the guest lists from me :) . All girls can enter through my guest list. Just let me know beforehand ^^

For those who are going to Heli tmr, let's party rock!

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