Friday, April 6, 2012

So this company wanted to set up a new online store and i am honored to be their first hired model. Cheerios! sells young fashionable clothing for teenagers like us! There are actually some outfits that can be worn for office work. Oh damn, i can't wait for their website to be up next week so that i can buy a few pieces with the discounted price!

First collection:

(So sorry i am too worn out to resize all the photos!)

At first when i saw this, i thought it won't pull off well on me because it doesn't really suit my style. And then after i wore it and looked into the mirror, i was like 'eh...not bad what." Hahaha.

Have to pair this top with their necklace. MiWi sells wonderful necklaces.

I'm the one who suggested using this red luggage as a prop (><) . Looks nice right?!
My first dress, i love this too much! Buy!
If you like vintage style, you got to have this in ur wardrobe.

So u might wonder the backstage photos. Don't worry, i always prepare behind-the-scene photos. Didn't upload all of them because then u will not be surprised to find out what other outfits they are having...
How i love this interior design office. This designer rocks.

And of course, i cam-whored a bit :)
Just a tip if you wanna look more AMAZING.

If you have dark hair color & u wear color contacts, GO FOR GREY CONTACT LENS. It will make you look a little more exotic :) .

Should i just get this one whole set?
Cause this skirt really make my body shape stands out. hahahaha.

Guess the website ( will be set up mostly by this coming Monday, so stay tune everyone! So next time if you see me in Helipad, i might be wearing one of their outfits and we might be wearing the same outfit if u r wearing on that night too. LOL. Then we can be twins and take photos together.

MiWi just created a Facebook page and it says "like" kacey & us to get a $10 Coupon Code!!!!
(Click here for the page)


Wondering whats going on recently? Nothing. Back to square one. I can't help but to stop myself from doing all these stuff because i wanna stay truthful for this time. Sadly, you can't be the one who can share this with me. Its beyond moral. I hate to see this coming but what can i do? A stubborn heart like this won't want to step back but a kind heart like this can't step forward too. Now i'm just standing in the middle of nowhere, trying to find a direction to go. Sucks to be in this situation. Whatever it is, i enjoy my single life & till i find the one whom i can lean on, i won't miss the chance. Well unless the guy doesn't like me >< ...

Anw, i was thinking about this. Someone once asked me what kind of guy do i like. I bet a lot of friends would have asked u this questions too. But i believe your answer won't stay the same throughout the years. It changes as you changes.


1. Brain
Please use your brain to talk & not ur penis. I mean, i prefer guys who talk smartly.

2. Humour
Love guys with a sense of humor, but definitely not lame jokes. And guys who tell me really sick jokes & laughed at it himself turn me off sometimes.

3. Taller than me!

4. Shy at first
I don't know why but i realize i tend to notice guys who are shy more than those loud speaking ones. Maybe because i am the talkative and active kind so opposite attracts. lol.

Views changes every now and then but mostly importantly, it is to be with someone who can take care of you and won't let you be fear of anything. I guess a sense of security matters. So i am adding this to number 5.

5. Make me feel safe & secure

Alright, idk why I'm telling this, i think i am too drained out now. I haven't slept since yesterday 7am. and its 1.20 am now! Which means i haven't get a proper sleep for more than 35 hours. I think this is the highest record so far.

And somehow i feel proud of myself for doing this.

I was working on Wed (ytd) from 8am to 5.30pm and then i rushed home to change and went to town for dinner with my family. Then i went to Helipad for ladies night and i stayed awake all the way & i went to work. After working, i cab straight to Vivo to meet my sister for her Birthday celebration. And now i'm blogging...

Having a photoshoot tmr in the day! And then i might just head to conrad for Fiona's birthday party at her presidential suite. I really like this busy life but at the same time, i feel numb about something. There is sth there tt is telling me that i am tired but i don't wanna stop.

Maybe when you feel upset about something, you tend to overload yourself with work so that u r kept busy which prevents u from being emotional.

Hope everyone is going to have a nice Good Friday later :)

See u at Helipad on Saturday! Please pm me for guest lists if u wanna come! Drop me a msg on fb ^^


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