Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A new change

It took me some time to decide if i should cut my hair, for a better change. Things aren't going smoothly this month. I was feeling helpless for as long as i could remember. I was hoping for enlightenment. 

So this is the last time you see my long straight hair. And are you ready for the new haircut?! 

For a moment, i felt so relieved. Its as though all my troubles are gone and i'm ready for a new change. I would cry on normal occasion if i had a haircut like this because i cherish my hair.

Felt so calm when my hair was chopped off. People say it is a mental psychology healing. I believe it. Sometimes, you need to change something for a better purpose. You need to give up something to gain something. And you never know, maybe this new change is a benefit.
Btw, my dress is bought from MiWi. There are more at the latter part of this post. I can't wait for their new collections to be up! Can you believe it? I bought 4 pieces of clothes and a necklace straight after the shoot for them. And i think this dress really suits my new hair. 

Preparing to go Helipad. :) I love the staff there because when i get to have my apple martini at helibar even though its not on the menu itself. hehe... 

For the beautiful ones who asked what contact lens am i wearing, it is grey from Maxi Eyes! 


I know right... I look mature now. And sometimes i think i look like 25/aunty. So bright clothes suit me more than my usual blue and black. Not saying i dislike my short hair and want back my long hair. I feel happy that i made the right choice to cut it. The wound is healing... 

And guess where did i go after Helipad on saturday? I went Capella to meet Nick & co. It was really a whole night of craziness and laughter and silliness, and all sorts of weird and funny things. You never imagine how crazy it was. (><)

Too bad i didn't know theres a private pool so yes, its fine to go into the pool with my lingerie. Nobody cares & it is sth new too..

Trisha is a hardcore drinker she drinks pure vodka like water! I had a bottle of moscato for them & they took almost an hour or so to open it up. LOL. It was really funny to see how the guys were cheering when they successfully opened the bottle. 

And the early morning looks so beautiful... 

While some friends are sleeping, the rest of us headed to grab brunch at Bob' bar. Ah i love the prawns! 

It was so chill and the weather was perfect. 

MiWi shoot
Somehow, their design really suit my style. I'm so glad that i can model for them. And yeah... spending the money they pay me to buy their clothes. LOL. But of course, there is special treatment. :p .  

 Bought this same top but with 3 different colors. In love with simple causal style nowadays.

 Love this top and this necklace so yes I'm buying it soon. 

How nice they want the necklace to be?! I'm always eager to see their new arrivals. 

Time after time, things change, people change, nobody will stay the same. We change through what we've experienced. I'm thankful i'm finally giving up on this dead-end thing. Thing is... we need to let go. If its yours, it will always be yours. 

And latest update for today: I am finally sick. Thought i am superwoman because i party and work like crazy. After all we are still human beings. haha. Its food poisoning with some gastric flu. I was feeling terrible last night i barely slept. My body felt so cold all of a sudden and then it was freaking warm the next hour. Almost fainted at the clinic & thank god the nurse helped me. 

Then i realize, health is so important. So guess what? No alcohol for this week! 

Anw, tmr is Ladies Night. Please pm me for guest lists if you wanna go via facebook/twitter. Or you can call/text me if ur friends happen to have my phone number. 

Change is good when only you learn how to appreciate small little things in life. 

Have a fabulous night beautiful ones! 

I thank all my friends who stood by me all this while <3 . So much loves for them. 

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