Sunday, May 13, 2012

My days so far...

Weekdays are spent working in the airport for internship. Weekends are spent partying at Helipad and other pubs/clubs. And normally, i chill out on Sundays. These 4 sundays have been a peaceful one. Quiet & peaceful... 

Headed to Butter Fact for awhile after partying at Helipad ytd. I love the new friend i met. Fong Fong :) 

 She can speak cantonese too!

And the other night at Filter. Make a new friend too. She's from Taiwan! haha.

Had brunch with Jessica at Roadhouse, Dempsey Hill 2 days ago. I love talking to her because we share a lot of things in common but we also have a lot opposites. E.g. I hate nuts, she loves nuts. 

P/S: this dress that I'm wearing is from :) 

I wasn't sure what to say or do. Because for all i know things will get worse if i step in too deep. Times and times i've been trying to take a step back, or maybe two, but you never know how hard it is. I know for all these that have happened is for a reason. And i never understand why i'm in such a situation whereby i'm stuck. 

And these days aren't good. Sorry my friends, i'm trying my best to pull myself up. I appreciate all the concerns and the consoling. U know who you guys are. All these tears and sadness must stop. I haven't been crying myself to sleep for a long time. The tears are too stubborn. 

I need to stop crying...  

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