Saturday, June 30, 2012

MiWi's shoot

Hello beautiful people **** I have been so tired lately, especially when i have my internship during the weekdays. But being busy is good. Being busy helps me to forget unhappy things. We should erase sad memories and keep it in the dusty area. A place that you won't want to think about. 

I love and appreciate my life and all the friends who have been with me throughout. I am still recovering from it and soon there will be rainbow again. People come and go, life still goes on, we still move on. Looking back is wasteful. Here's a note: Today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery. I think i said this before. lol. 

So looking forward to my holiday trip back to Hong Kong in August! May god bless me and let me enjoy my wonderful holidays and celebrate the end of internship. Also, attending my aunty's wedding in Taiwan. I can't wait! Hopefully, i get to visit Macau this time. Nobody is free to accompany me and my mother doesn't allow me to go alone. I was so disappointed when she told me that she has no time to go Macau with me. 

Whatever it is! Who is free to go Macau with me?! LOL. Just joking :) . 

So today i went to re-curl my hair and headed for MiWi's photoshoot. This time round, they are bringing me for an outdoor shoot after the indoor shoot. Thank god the shoot was 3 and half hours. I guess anything more than 4 hours is tiring for me. My eyes will become a straight line... - - . 

 Sneak peak of their new collection :)

Awesome people in the team!

I was changing in the public at Henderson Wave in the evening today. Of course, inside the changing tent. But there were people walking around and we have to stop now and then when people walk past.

Sorry if the picture's quality is not good because i edited in the instagram. Its taken by iPhone 4s! I love how the last picture turned out. Think it would be nicer if the sky can be edited too.

Enough of my shoot, anyone is coming to Helipad tonight? I will see you there. Working again in the night. I'm not really a workaholic but i just like to keep myself busy.

See you in Helipad tonight :) . Pm me for guest lists if you wanna come.


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