Saturday, June 23, 2012


At this point of time, i am speechless for what has happened so far. I seen so much i couldn't believe it either. Its always nice to step out of our comfort zone and experience the life outside it. You will be surprised in the things you see and get to know. Sometimes in life, we have to control and behave. Sometimes, we can let go and have all the fun we want. Sorry i don't know what I'm really talking about. Will try to make sense in everything i am saying now because I'm just writing what pops out in my head now.

Work is always tiring, especially when i'm working everyday except Sundays. When school starts next semester, internship will be over but there comes Final Year Project. And then I'm thinking, if i should get my degree or be a SQ flight attendant? The traveling and the pay seem fun. But I'm more interested in business than working for people. lol. Sorry i hate to listen to orders so i always tell myself that i will be the boss then.

I see people pushing blames and bowing here and there and talking bad behind each other's back. This world is crazy. There are so many different kinds of people, you never know whether this new friend you met is true or just pretending. We try to protect ourselves but somehow we are just naive and tend to fall for it. And honestly, i always leave a space for doubts. This way, even if i get lied, i wouldn't think that i am a total fool. It is a way to protect myself.

And i always wonder what people are doing when they are reading my blog. How do they feel when they are reading it. Honestly, we should just forget about being putting a strong front and be truthful to everyone. The truth is, we always lie to ourselves.

Deep in your heart you are dying to see the person but somehow you lied and said you're not gonna see him/her. For what? All because we are too afraid to be hurt. Because the consequences are the factors that make us withdraw.

I hope i can still live positively and here i am telling everyone to be true to ourselves and forgive all the negative things that are happening in your life right now. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. If you can't think of a reason for it now, it is okay because the time is not right yet. You will know it when there comes a solution and when you reflect, you realize how much u've learnt from it.

Yesterday is the past.
Today is a gift. 
Tomorrow is a mystery. 

Have a fun night tonight everyone!
P:S/ See you guys at Helipad.

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