Sunday, June 17, 2012

A week's note

Have you ever thought of me when you walked past places that we went before? Or have you thought of me randomly? Do you look at your phone, search for my name in your contact list and look at it for the longest time? When you're talking to another friend, do you think of me too? When you're alone, does my face appears on your mind? Or maybe, do you remember my laughs and our awkward moments? If i ever appear in front of you, will you have the courage to tell me the truth? For all these while i have been searching for an answer...


I am at Helipad once again. Its nice seeing all the regulars here. Yes, u can pm me for guest lists if you would like to come and party! I am here almost every wednesdays and saturdays. And i had the most interesting thing to share...
Fixing my hair & i accidentally clicked 'snap' . lol. Me at Helipad's back door. I like to enter through the back door. :) 
Of course this is a self-taken pic. :) 

So the interesting thing was: I like to spend time alone at Starbucks below Helipad on e Saturday night. The place is really quiet and peaceful around 2am. And i often stayed till 4am before i decide to go home or to have supper. (please don't come and find me now on a saturday night. Its peace time.) 

So that night, as usual i ordered my earl grey & i sat at my favorite spot. Then someone wrote this, "Why so sad" on a piece of paper & showed it through the window outside. That was a surprise moment because it was a total stranger. 

I always thought this happens in the movie. But now that i experienced it, i thought i like to share. Come to think of it, movies come from things we've met and experienced. 

That TGIF night at Filter. 

Thanks jingyee for taking care of me when i was kinda drunk. I realized I'm a violent drunk because she told me i slapped a lot of guys. Sorry about that! 

Should never mix moet with vodka and jagerbombs... 

And food again :) 

This is at Hot Tomatoes at 313 Somerset. I ordered this because i wanted to eat the prawns. But the beef was nice too. 

And finally i was at Wild Honey on a Saturday afternoon after my drunk night at filter on friday! It was funny because me and my friend were having a hangover from last night & we both looked dead.

Have you ever heard of this? "I miss you..."


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