Sunday, July 22, 2012

And only yesterday...

These few days are passing by really quickly. Its been a month... I am still trying fine, how are you? Time to take a break so i'm finally leaving sg in August for holiday! Will be leaving on Saturday, 5th aug, 1am once i finish my internship on Friday. 2 weeks more to go! Fighting~~~ yea I'm drained & i'm tired. Totally need a month of rest. Been obsessed with running man lately. Do you guys watch it too? I love the laughters in the show. And yeah, i need laughters of course. I don't know if your friends have ever told you that you've changed. Who doesn't? If you don't, means u have not learnt anything yet. I need my real laughter back so badly... So i was saying, i will be going to Taiwan first and then to Hong Kong. Hopefully my mother has time to accompany me to Macau. I haven't been there before! 

I will upload all those beautiful Hong Kong & Taiwan trip pictures here! I have missed Hong Kong so much especially. Anw, even though i won't be around in Singapore during Aug, if you wanna go Helipad on Wednesday/Saturdays, you can still come under my guest lists. I will text u guys the details. For the rest whom i don't have the contact number, u can pm me on fb! I will reply :) 

Maybe its time to move on. Maybe you need to widen your eyes a little bit more to see the truth. Maybe you need to listen to your brain sometimes. Maybe you just need a good long rest. 

Oyasumi ^^ 
p:s/ Friends who asked me hows my room doing now, it is not done yet! LOL. but that's my bed in the picture. 

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