Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hi everybody welcome to Kenting. I will be showing you some of the food and stuff here. 

There is Gong Cha here! HAHA. And yup, people are queuing for it. 

Anyone haven't tried Smelly Toufu before? I don't dislike the smell but don't particularly like it either. Just maybe the cripsy part. In fact, its not really smelly! Gotta try it once in your life yeahhh.... :) 

Different types of pancake 

You can rent a motorbike in Kenting as well. Some can operate without a driving license! 

 And me with no make up because i was so sleepy by then... But simple can't resist the food here so i have to head out to the night market. 

This is one of the must-try-food in Kenting. Fried Milk Balls i guess. They are not fish ball and they are made of milk. hahaha 

There are pubs, restaurants and clubs here. 

The whole street is filled with people. I realize a lot of tourists are Hong Kongers . 

You can buy souvenirs in the night market as well. And most of them are pretty awesome! I bought a few key chains and food. The rest like the tower is pretty expensive so i didn't buy. Definitely will visit Kenting again! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

With minimal makeup that day... 

Dress is from 

It looks kinda like Japan here! 

My cousin's back view. lol.

And a video of me trying to do a spin. 

You realize i have nothing much to say because ... i really have nothing to talk about! Its just wedding in Taiwan and going Kenting. 

And so....
Ann yong!

Day view from my aunty's room. 

Doing her hair... Putting on Make up... Doing nails... So many things to do when you get married. Sometimes it freaks me out. haha

From my Grandma

And some people believe that the more things you wear (jewelry) , the better the future is. 

And off my aunty went to her mother-in-law's place. 



I love this pancake and the red tea. Seems like Red Tea is very popular in Taiwan. And red tea is really delicious :) :) 

KaoHsiung's street. The look alike China Streets. And lots of people own a motorcycle here. 

So the purpose of this trip is more like attending my aunty's wedding than to shopping/eating. She is marrying a taiwanese guy. So the Chinese used to say "嫁鸡随鸡" , meaning the married woman follows wherever her husband goes, and this is the case for my aunty. haha. But KaoHsiung is really boring. I love Taipei more! 

The wedding dress makes me wonder about my own wedding in the future. I guess every girl dreams about her own wedding and how the proposal shall be liked. I used to dream that i will be hoping on in a Helicopter near the beach and there will be gigantic words written on the sand  "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" with a heart shape at the end. And when i say "Yes" .... "Boom!" goes the fireworks . HAHA. Alright. Like i say, just dreaming :) 

Lazy bride-to-be and groom-to-be 

Night view from my hotel room.