Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hi everybody welcome to Kenting. I will be showing you some of the food and stuff here. 

There is Gong Cha here! HAHA. And yup, people are queuing for it. 

Anyone haven't tried Smelly Toufu before? I don't dislike the smell but don't particularly like it either. Just maybe the cripsy part. In fact, its not really smelly! Gotta try it once in your life yeahhh.... :) 

Different types of pancake 

You can rent a motorbike in Kenting as well. Some can operate without a driving license! 

 And me with no make up because i was so sleepy by then... But simple can't resist the food here so i have to head out to the night market. 

This is one of the must-try-food in Kenting. Fried Milk Balls i guess. They are not fish ball and they are made of milk. hahaha 

There are pubs, restaurants and clubs here. 

The whole street is filled with people. I realize a lot of tourists are Hong Kongers . 

You can buy souvenirs in the night market as well. And most of them are pretty awesome! I bought a few key chains and food. The rest like the tower is pretty expensive so i didn't buy. Definitely will visit Kenting again! 


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