Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I love this pancake and the red tea. Seems like Red Tea is very popular in Taiwan. And red tea is really delicious :) :) 

KaoHsiung's street. The look alike China Streets. And lots of people own a motorcycle here. 

So the purpose of this trip is more like attending my aunty's wedding than to shopping/eating. She is marrying a taiwanese guy. So the Chinese used to say "嫁鸡随鸡" , meaning the married woman follows wherever her husband goes, and this is the case for my aunty. haha. But KaoHsiung is really boring. I love Taipei more! 

The wedding dress makes me wonder about my own wedding in the future. I guess every girl dreams about her own wedding and how the proposal shall be liked. I used to dream that i will be hoping on in a Helicopter near the beach and there will be gigantic words written on the sand  "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" with a heart shape at the end. And when i say "Yes" .... "Boom!" goes the fireworks . HAHA. Alright. Like i say, just dreaming :) 

Lazy bride-to-be and groom-to-be 

Night view from my hotel room. 


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