Monday, September 10, 2012

A post!

I think i haven't been updating regularly as you can see, there are only 4-5 posts per month? Or even lesser! So to keep it alive, i have decided to do a post. I am still alive! 

I don't know if this will be a long or a short post. I will just write whatever that comes out from my mind. After the end of internship, i went straight to Taiwan and Hong Kong. When i come back to Singapore, i have been home almost everyday! I swear. Can you believe it? The day goes around with television, food and sleep. Sometimes, i do reading and study my Korean. Oh btw, i have finally registered for BTT. It took me almost a year to decide if i want to get a car license now or later. Many of my friends advised to start early because they know you wouldn't have the time to get one when you start working or when you get to University! Anyway, the other reason why i was procrastinating was because i am lazy. HAHA. I was lazy to go to the center for registration. And it was only last week that i realized i can register it online! IF ONLY I KNOW.... 

I think i am just being extremely lazy now. I didn't want to go out to meet my friends. I didn't go to meet my friends in the clubs when i am supposed to go down once every week because i am a club promoter. I didn't enjoy hanging out in town anymore and i didn't know i actually love staying at home . Ever since i'm back from overseas... I know i don't want to meet anyone. Maybe now is the period to be alone. I have no idea! Sorry my friends, we can only chat on whatsapp or play scramble with me. LOL. 

Started playing scramble with friends yesterday and i am addicted to it now. My mind is filled with alphabets in boxes. The first few things when i woke up was to play scramble. 

So how is my life recently? I can only say... I am not sure either. I am in a state whereby im thinking where i should go next. Stepped on too many wrong paths recently. Had many unwise decisions and i began to wonder how people can live like this. What is wrong with the society now? Or is it always the same every since history begins... You know just when you need to settle down for a moment and see what you can do next, wisely of course. 

A secret to share. Actually, my purpose of going to Hong Kong besides visiting my family was to have an eyelid surgery. Yup i have a double eyelid but it is not balanced. So ever since i found the trick to have a perfect double eyelid (or maybe not perfect enough), i was happy. Then i got frustrated as time goes by. Do you know what it is? Its the double eyelid sticker la. lol. I tried using glue but it doesn't work. Don't buy the glue. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK. WASTE MONEY WASTE TIME. I have been sticking the double eyelid sticker since i was 14. Now, i can have a good double eyelid without sticking it for a week or more! (Depending on how well i maintain it). If i drink too much water before sleep, my eyes get swollen and my right double eyelid will be gone. Then i have to stick it to get back my double eyelid. And i can't go out of the house because the sticker shows. So its really annoying! And therefore i know its time to do double eyelid surgery... Anyway, i have always wanted to do it ever since i know i have imbalance eyelid. 

I can share this out because i think i'm ready to handle negative comments about plastic surgery. Whatever opinions you can form, you are not me so you won't understand. And besides, i have my parents' permission to do so. Except my Grandma (><)" haha. She is old fashioned. I wanted to do my nose too. LOL. Yup, don't start to judge me now. You are not me. 

But anyway, end of it, it wasn't done. None was done. And i have already gathered a lot of information! Because suddenly, i feel like i wasn't ready. I KNOW RIGHT... I am having a pretty long holiday now and i can use this time to heal all the wounds. I have it planned! And also because i was a nervous! All these years i have been dreaming to do and when the chance finally comes, i gave up. So i  gave up doing then, but it doesnt mean i won't do it. When the right time comes, i know i will... 

And now i feel quite impressed with people who do plastic surgery. They certainly took up a lot of courage to go under the knife. Impressive. Lol. 

Alright, enough of it. I was looking back all my photos in the phone and i decided to post all those self-take pics. 
Notice a pimple under my nose... I was in Hong KONG ATM!

In Kenting.. 

Some beach time. I gain weight... 

oh, the time when i have swollen eyes. Just awake and i don't know why i took this pic either. Maybe to show off my nails? hahaha. 

The double eyelid that i want, without the use of double eyelid sticker. 

I realise lots of pictures taken before i cut my hair. Maybe i shouldn't cut my hair short but i didn't regret it either. Its already at shoulder length now! 

Okay, i gotta watch my 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians" now. Sometimes, i wish i have their life because they have their own shops, get to know so many people, many pretty siblings and yeah... They can buy ferrari and Rolls Royce and you name it... But i always know everything happens for a reason. I think i will enjoy the process of being wealthy than being born with a silver spoon. It's difficult but i'm not someone who gives up easily. Especially when its things related to these! You know, its not wrong to dream big! Think about what you really want and do it right. 

End of Story :) 

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