Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is quite crazy. I have been staying at home ever since i came back from Hong Kong. Most of my friends will know this. But man, i still gotta get my stuff done outside right? I wish i can stay at home everyday and let money come in by itself! But you think this is possible? I have to go out and get my contacts for work! People have this perception of me as a clubber because i work in clubs. I don't blame them. Only close friends of mine will know i am not. But somehow, even close friends can't see it too. The thing is, i have to go out at times to keep up with my social network if not, my part time career is gonna be jeopardizing! I think i am a workaholic. A friend of mine thinks my whole mind is about business. Again, i don't blame cause maybe somehow it is the truth. I just hate it when people judge me with one thing i do. Oh i almost forgot, humans are stupid. They see one thing and that's it - That one thing is what describe you. I will say somehow i behave like a stupid human too. But i know i have to see more before i judge.

And please, we always say we can't judge people because its none of our business. But are you really not judging anyone? You don't judge your friends? The definition of Judge is form an opinion or conclusion about. Very simple example; when you see a person who studies, who scores good grades, who is friendly, you will talk to him/her more. (Accordingly to your preference) WHY? Because you will have an opinion of him/her that he/she is smart. He or she is friendly so he or she should be a good person with good personality. (Well i don't know what kind of opinions u will form about friendly people) So what do u do? You make friend with him/her lor. And then let me ask, so did u judge? YOU DID. If you see a friend taking drugs, you will immediately stay away from him, WHY? Because u think he is a harmful friend, he will tell lies and do stupid things, he will end up to jail and you need to stay away from him. So did you judge? Did you form an opinion on him? YOU DID, again. Let me give you the simplest example, I GO TO CLUB, what kind of opinions will you form now? So u think, "oh she is a party girl." "oh, she is not decent." "oh, she must be like one of those bitches." See, that's judging me what. I can be a really good girl you know. I believe everyone has a story behind themselves.

And anyway, i'm not saying this to give myself an excuse to judge people now. We always say "Don't judge me". I think of a good reason to explain this. Yea we naturally will judge someone but its your decision whether you want to be an ass to force your opinion to someone. Maybe others don't feel what you feel. So don't judge me means, everyone's mindset is different and we should not think that our opinion is correct. Some people think that plastic surgery is disgusting and fake, some might think its a way to build up confidence. There are many different meanings to one thing done.

While i'm blogging this, i really feel that human race is ridiculous. We always contradict ourselves. And believe me, i always contradict myself too. Sometimes i feel this way, but my ideas may change and i will think of another way. To the same thing but different person, i will do it differently. For example, A ask me out for dinner and B ask me out for dinner too. A is someone i can talk to comfortably while B is not. So i will most possibly go for dinner with A than B right? Then i give a reason to B (but i think its an excuse), maybe i say "i feel like staying at home." Then B will understand and say "ok, meet again." But in fact i don't wanna meet B so i prefer staying at home, or maybe i really just want to stay at home so i can't meet B. Its getting confusing right? I know, thats why i say Humans Are Ridiculous.

One night, this thought came across my mind. I think we are all childish people. We may be very powerful, very rich. But at the end of the day, we are all childish. I also think humans are liars. We say love is blind. No matter how you change, i will still love you. I came out with this thought.

You are with your girlfriend for 5 years, deeply in love with her and you think its time to get married. When you proposed, your girlfriend said, "I think its time to tell you the truth, i'm actually born a man but i went under the knifes to become a woman." Seriously, you don't believe it because she looks really like a 100% woman! You can't even see the 'apple' in her throat. Let me ask you know, will you still marry her? Will you still love her? 

I thought love is about personality? Who is the one who tells me that we should love only the personality and not the appearance? I wonder who is that idiot who told me this last time. I should really smack his face now. This is arguable! I'm asking the guys now, so will you marry her?

I bet 99% will say NO.

But hey, what happen to 'just personality and not appearance' theory? SO I SAID, LIKE I ALWAYS SAID, LOVE IS A PACKAGE. I see the appearance, i see the personality, i see his family, i see his character, i see how he deals with things, i see if he is financially stable. To me, i won't blindly love someone just because i love someone. Sorry but this world is very crucial. I won't marry a man who cannot even take care of himself.

To somebody else i don't know. Everyone has their own definition of love. Last time love to me was 'as long as we love each other, we are happy together...' Now that i think of it, i'm ... really a fool. The moral of story is this, things change people change. Perhaps one day when i'm in love, i will be blind and all the things i want from my love dictionary will be different. Who knows?

I don't know why i'm explaining so much too. I just think that humans are funny. We say one thing, we do another thing.

So conclusion, we can judge but we don't force our opinion to others. We can love but don't let the love  definition makes it hard for you to love. Love but don't let love controls your brain too. And guys, i'm really sorry but i'm getting quite pissed off with people who have been telling me this "Thought you are at home?" I have my own free time also mah...

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