Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little behind-the-scene

I will try to blog more often! Don't leave me alone! haha. If you see my previous photoshoots, i always have some behind-the-scene photo to be shared. I just like to watch the whole process of a photoshoot. So here they are! I definitely won't post everything if not nobody will be surprised when the real pictures are up! 

I'm really lucky to have this shoot with the photographer. He comes from France and is very experienced in photography. Best, he speaks French. And i learnt basic French in school before! So i can just say 'Comment allez vous? Tres Bien, E'toi, Merci.' LOL. 
And this 

Travaillons durement pour un meilleur futur. ❤

My friend told me sth on whatsapp that day. "I know what's your best asset." And i replied, "Yea? My butt?" And he said, "How you know?!" ... I know it because my mother told me this too. LOL. But too bad, my boobs don't really match with my ass... Its a little smaller. 

Its a very sensitive topic for some of you here. But well, u can choose not to read! Or just get use to me :) Araso? (Yeap, i'm learning Korean now. Already in stage 2)

I swear this position is very difficult. Modeling is never easy... I can do better than this.

Okay that's all, i can't reveal anymore. I can't wait for him to finish editing the pics. 

By the way, find me at Playhouse this Thurs, Fri or Sat! I will be working at here. But i hope you girls can go Zirca too. Please quote my name 'Kacey' under ladies guest list for free entry to Zirca on Wed, Fri and Sat !!! If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call/text me (if you have my number) or pm me on fb/twitter :) 

See you guys soon 

'btw, fact, when a girl is interested in a guy, you can see it because she will unintentionally show her wrist.' Watch out for it guys :) 

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