Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MiWi's shoot

Hello everybody, 

I am blogging! LOL. I really have nothing to do at home besides cooking my meals and watching tv. Sometimes, i do housework too. Actually, i am doing it most of the times now. Wait till school reopens, i swear i won't have the time for all these. 

So anw, i did a shoot for MiWi again! Being working with them for a few photoshoot sessions so far. Very friendly people. 

They are currently looking for a girl to manage their wholesale store at City Plaza located at Paya Lebar! 
Its $5-6/hr. Only need to work on Friday, 11am to 4-5pm. 
If any girls is interested, please feel free to drop me a message with subject title: Job in MiWi 
at yuenman25@hotmail.com 
Attach a photo of yourself too. If not, send me your facebook link. :) 

Loving this shoe from Charles and Keith. I am wearing this almost every time! Its comfortable and sexy. 

Now their office is filled with clothes! Haha. Lots of new clothes! 

I am loving these 3 pieces that i wore. If only i can figure out how to wear it as nice without heels...cause i prefer wearing flats out lately. And flats with dress is a little off...unless i'm 170cm. SIGH. Can i even be 165cm??? 

I pray to god everyday when i was young that i wanna be a supermodel with a height of 170cm. I have so much faith that i know i'm gonna be very tall when i grow up. Until one day, i realized both my parents are shorties. Brr~~ i am already slightly taller than my father when i put on my heels. what the shit. So there goes my supermodel dream. "Byebye" DDD; 

Today i felt great because i laughed at people's bad acting skills. Its really 'acting' rather than 'acting'. I prefer Hong Kong's dramas so much more than Singapore's! Seriously! They need to stop giving us boring dramas! The only one that i like was '小娘惹'. That was so long ago...when i was having my O lvls. 

I cooked Japanese Curry and watched a movie at home. I went online and searched for supermodels youtube videos. LOL. Just joking about that, i didn't do it. I went facebook and twitter. And now i'm blogging. 

Hope everyone had a nice Mid Autumn Festival last week! I had a really bad one though because i cried. I had a father which seems to me like i don't have one. I have a mother but she is in Hong Kong... I have a sister but she is in China... Its okay to feel lonely sometimes. I understand that. And for every thing that happens, there's a reason behind it. And i always believe if god takes sth away from me, he will give me back something. Maybe its something that i don't really want, but its definitely something that a lot people wish they have. RIGHT?  

But i wish god gives me infinite happiness from now on! Don't give up guys! I'm here with you! 

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