Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's Question

Play it if you are not listening to music right now! (its my favourite song this month) 

I am at home now feeling lazy to do anything.

So i'm just sitting down on my sofa, waiting for 7pm to arrive and i will get ready for work at Playhouse tonight. It's just the second week of school and i already feel the stress coming along. I had so much motivation to get things done on the first day of school. But this motivation declines eventually as days pass! lol. Now i just don't feel like doing anything. Maybe i have to be in school for me to do my work properly. I think i know the reason why i can't do any homework now. It is because the tv is on infront of me. It distracts me from concentrating.

Today i'm suppose to do another shoot but i postponed it because of school work. Do stay tune! Waha. I'm not trying to be sexy here (for the shoot). I'm just doing the kind of shoot that i like to do. And i'm having a headache now. boo~ Since last night...

The question today is:

Is it alright to do something that you-know-it-might-work-but-still-go-ahead-thing?

Sometimes in life we face situations whereby we feel like we're stuck inbetween! Now close your eyes and think about one thing that made you feel like this before. *Rmb to close and open again and continue reading* It could be a relationship, it could be in school, it could be family problems and etc. Think of any?

Ok. Now, ask yourself. What did you do then? Did you go ahead with it or did you back off? If you went ahead, did it work in the end or did it not work? If you back off, did you regret it or did you not? If you could choose again, what will you do?

For me, i'm thinking about this time when i decided to go ahead and i knew it won't work. But i had a tiny hope for miracle. That tiny bit of hope... I was in a period of craziness. Did it work in the end? No :) it didn't, unfortunately... Did i regret going ahead when i know i will bleed? I kind of regretted because its foolish to know that you will cry and be heartbroken but still carry on with it. However, another part of me knew if it weren't these crying nights, i won't know heartache. I won't know how to deal with this kind of situation if i ever meet one in the future. I grow through the cryings.

If i would to choose again, will i still do it?

Yes i will. Only this time i will be more brave.

Try not to dwell too much in the past. That's why time only goes forward. Sometimes if you wanna dig it out and think about it. Yes you can. Cry a little and that's it. Tomorrow is a new day.  

Before i get too emotional, i should stop now.

Thanks for reading!
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