Sunday, November 25, 2012's photoshoot's Photoshoot 

~~~ ~~~ 

I was and am feeling honored to shoot for Ffayth's new collection! To be honest it was quite tiring because the shoot went for about 8 hours. Nevertheless, i enjoyed the time spent with the models, photographer, Ffayth the designer herself and her husband. 

You can look for her designs and clothes at Parco Next NEXT which is located at Milleniawalk at Promenade. It is where local designers like Kenji and WeiLing have their stores at too! Ahh, i miss them. Still remember Kenji's photoshoot was this: 

Not bad right? What do you think?! That was almost one year ago! I think the photographer is awesome. He is a graphic designer (if i didn't remember wrongly) for cosmopolitan. 

*Back to Ffayth!*

Comparing this and one year ago, did my face change? haha. I know i kinda miss my long hair, that's all. But i remember that i said it was for a good change when i cut it. 

one kiss

two kiss

Instagram is good :). I used to only edit photos in instagram & didn't bother about the followers and i follow none because i was too lazy to explore it. But then one day i started to realize it can be quite fun so i started following and 'stalking' people on instagram. lol. 

My Instagram! 
Welcome to follow. 

Took this while i was eating my bread. Her designs make me look like a Japanese for that moment! wahaha. 

Ffayth doesn't like very posy photoshoots and like the consistency. So it was good! haha.

 With another model. Aerdna! Omg she is only 17 and her hairstyle is super stylish. I felt old because the reality hit me that i am already 19, going 20 next year. Yup, i kinda dislike the '2' in front. But i also like the maturity. Contradicting right? :) 
Maybe i didn't hydrate myself well that day. My lips was painful. Observe the reddishness around it. 

Fayth and her husband. haha. She told me how her husband proposed to her (><)" . Hmm~~! Sometimes i dream about how my future husband will propose to me. Then i will get excited and try to chill myself down. Because i dream of fireworks, kneeling, flowers, beautiful elegant gorgeous classic diamond ring, happiness and love. 

Is it too early to think about getting married now? I am only 19 for god's sake. But the fact that i am turning 20 really scares me. When i was 13, i told myself that i will get married when i turn 24. Which means i left with 4 years to decide only. 4 years will past in an blink of an eye. But when i was 16-17, i told myself that i will get married when the right one comes. Just recently, my lecturer told me that women who are 28 and above and not yet married are 'funny' (means sth must be wrong). They will be put to a upper shelf/are the leftovers. 

Then doesn't it make me the leftovers if i am not married by 28? Anw, why are we discussing about this topic? I am still 19. Let's enjoy the youth first. I really really cherish my youth. 

Finish this with a short clip :) 

Have a peaceful Sunday beautiful people!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I love Food

Hello beautiful people, this month is filled with good food. I am sensing the Christmas season! Can you? That night i was at Orchard and i noticed that the decorations have lighted up. Too happy to see it because i love the streets full of Christmas lights. Now i shall hang around town more often to appreciate the decorating efforts make by Hitachi and shopping malls. I especially love Somerset 313 and Tang's Christmas Decoration. Amazing! 

Anw, my mum flew over to Singapore last week to visit me and my sister. We were both eager to see my mum because she rarely come over :( . Now that she does, we get all the good food! The day when she arrived was truly an anticipating day. My sister and I can't stop complaining about each other in front of her...

Imperial Treasure Sper Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon) 

One of the best things when you are with your mother or father is that we don't have to pay for everything. True? But i do cherish them and will promise to take care of them when i am older. 

*Back to FOOD* 

Rating: 4/5 

Simply too awesome! Must order when you are dining at here. 

Sorry guys, i don't know what is this dish called. Actually i don't know what all these dishes are called.

Rating: 4/5 

If you love prawn fried with some milk/butter, this is a must try. Eat it when its still hot. Awesomeness. 

Rating: 5/5 

5/5 because i love this dish. If you don't like organs, you might rate it 0/5 but i love it so yeap, 5/5! 

Rating for both: 3.5/5 

The dish at the bottom of the picture is nicer, so maybe i shall rate it 4/5... The top is 3.5/5. 

Rating: 4.5/5 because i love vegetables. 

Rating: 6/5 . 

Over-rated because this is my favourite dim sum of all time. Favourite. Its a must for me to order if every time when i dine in a dim sum restaurant. Being a typical cantonese, i love dim sum. :) 

Siew mai and char siew bao are very common dim sum that you see. I don't really like char siew bao so i'm gonna rate it 3.5/5 but it tastes really delicious. So for an unbias purpose, i shall rate it fairly at 4.5/5. 

Then we also ordered the peking duck skin and noodles. 

Now for dessert time! 

Also, 80% of times i will order mango pudding for dessert. 

And this is Gui Ling Gao, which i don't really like but my mother forced me to eat because she said i was very heaty. 

My mother is the type of person that will force her daughter to do something just because she thinks it is good. So i have to give sufficient reasons to disobey her. But now she is more reasonable so i am very happy. lol. I sound childish here but mummy, i still love you. 

Imperial Treasure (ION Orchard)

I don't know why too but i think Imperial Treasure's good is really nice. I have quite a high expectations on food and ugly food presentation pisses me off. Gonna show u one must try later in this place! Strongly recommended by 100% cantonese. (wait, my grandfather is from macau. Maybe i have a little bit of portuguese blood from my great great ancestor)

Egg Tart! 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Also, i love portuguese egg tart :) . 

These are all my favourite food. 

This is not so of my favourite food because i don't like xiao long bao... 

called 流沙包. It has very yummy egg yolk filling that will ooze out when you tear the bao apart. Seriously, where can you find this great cooking technique? Imperial Treasure is the place to eat it. 

Paradise Dynasty (ION Orchard)

I didn't know food is inexpensive here! 

Rating: 4/5 

Rating: 4.5/5 

I love this pork bone soup. Yummy~~~ 

Dean & Deluca (Orchard Central)

Had brunch with dear Jessica before we headed to Chinatown to do our FYP.

I wasted this meal because i couldn't finish half of the pancakes. It is too filling! 

I shall try the scramble egg with sausages next time. 

I thank god for allowing me to eat great food. For that i appreciate food and i love food. Will have a post like this soon. Maybe this time round it won't be in town area. Something cheaper yet very delicious too. 

I had a great Friday today. Hope you guys do too! 


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reflection Time

I love spending quiet moments at home. It is a time for me to reflect what i've done and need to be done. And to think about life and why humans behave in a certain way that we ourselves don't understand either. Then i will also think about why there are poor and rich. And why society views a certain situation this way and not try to put into another perception. Why there are beauty and ugliness. Why is there love and hatred. How we can constantly improve ourselves and be happier.

Too often we focus on things we want to achieve and we neglect what the consequences can bring to the people around us. In the process of achieving your life dream goals, you should also be considerate and think for others. We can give a little and take a little. There should be a balance in life. I realize i work a little too hard these days, ended up, i neglected my studies. I also realize i spend a little too much time with my friends and work, ended up, i neglected my family. It has come to this point whereby i think i need to start balancing my life. Honestly, we will never make enough money. We just want more and more. By nature humans are greedy. So at which point is it considered 'enough' ? That's for you to justify. What do you think you want in your life? Again like i said, money is never enough. Take some time to spend with your love ones and don't be too money-oriented. I think in the process of making money, we gotta know whats the best for us and be considerate with the people around u. There are many other things for me to do besides earning money. I think i can spend one whole day listening to my grandmother's stories and go fishing together. But money is still important. Just need to have a balance.

Sometimes we know what we are doing might be wrong, but we go ahead. I think we can all stop at this moment and think back. Wake your mind up.

I have been alright lately. It is inevitable to have some downs but i know i should be positive and not take it to heart. So can you, if you are having some problems like me as well. Last time when i was in Secondary School, me and my classmates used to say 'They are jealous because i am special." It is from a Literature book. "They are jealous because i am special." Don't bother with too much on how people look at you. Everyone is different. If there are people who love you, there will be people who dislike you when, in fact, you are just perfectly fine and sweet. So why bother what these people think about you? Just ignore and climb back up. "We fall, we cry, and then we get back up."

Well, easily said than done. But its okay. I have faith in you. Believe in yourself. The sky is the limit.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you will have a nice Ladies' Night if anyone is going for it. Pm me for guest lists to Zirca if anyone is keen to come tonight :) . You can find my contact info under the 'Contact Me' tab!

xx and hope you guys like the photoshoot i had recently! Gonna upload more food pics soon too.

Monday, November 12, 2012

My skincare regime and tips

I was thinking if i should answer all the formspring questions or do something that quite a few people had requested!


There were requests from you guys asking me how i took care of my skin! And this afternoon i received another one, so i thought i should spend time doing a good post today.

First of all, thank you for asking me this question because you are praising that i have good skin right? HAHA. Ok, i treat it as it is!  :)

So allow me to start talking now...

Honestly, i don't have a proper skincare regime. I think at my age, i shouldn't need one because i am young. But there are always exceptions! Sometimes i am hardworking, sometimes i am lazy. But it doesn't matter because i'm gonna teach u on how to have almost perfect skin!

If you read my twitter, you would have know that my mother just came back from Hong Kong to visit me and my sister. The first thing she said was that she realized i have glowing skin. She said there's this healthy glow through my skin. HAHA.

I didn't have a really good skin last time because i used to be under the sun a lot and i don't really know what i should do to have good skin.

But question now is:


Except for my horrible dark eye circle, my face complexion is alright with no make up. I can always go out without make up! But make up boosts my self-confidence so i will somehow put a little on. Ok, that's another story. Now i have to focus on getting the good skin.

I will list down the products i am currently using now MOST OF THE TIMES.

Do note that my skin type is combined skin type. Oily on the surface and lacking of water beneath. 

1. SUPER AQUA Refreshing Cleansing Foam from Missha
Facial Wash Product

This is good! I use it to wash my face every night when i shower. It has a hydrating formula. Your face doesn't feel sticky after using. You feel refreshed and the oily skin just seems to disappear. 
I certainly recommend this and it is not expensive too! 

2. Hada Labo 
Facial Wash Product

I bought this at Watsons in Hong Kong. Not sure if they have it in Singapore but i am quite certain it is on sale here due to its popularity. 

I guess Hada Labo and Super Aqua are similar. I use Super Aqua during the night when i shower and Hada Laba when i come back from school in the evening. You can choose either one to buy. Both are fantastically good :) 

3.  Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray
Skincare Product

I rate this 9.9/10. It is ridiculously good. Whenever i am lazy to apply other skincare products, i will simply use this and spray it on my face and viola~~~ I'm done. 

Clinique is actually a very good brand for skincare products. If you look at the first picture in this post, most of the products are from Clinique. 

And since this is so good, i got a mini version of it. Now i carry this every where i go! 
Moisturizing and hydrating is very important. 

Alright, so i have only these three products that i use everyday. Super easy! 

Alternatively, you can get this moisturzing face spray by My Beauty Diary. 

The other products shown are used weekly. I like Missha's Rice Mask (on the right). Go check it out if you are free! 

Left: Hada Labo Mask
Right: Missha Rice Mask

It costs about $20 but i bought it on sale the other time at $15. It has whitening and hydrating purposes. 
Yes, whitening and brightening is very important too.

The product on the left is another kind of mask that i use. From Hada Labo too. Apply it on your face and sleep with it! It will be absorbed overnight. The cons about this is that it is quite greasy after applying.

I think i will like to talk about preventing acnes than talking about what kind of products you should use because everybody's skin type is different. We always need to trial and test. 

Ladies, we should invest in ourselves! Invest in good facial and make up products mainly because they are on our faces and our face is the first thing people take notice of. 

What you should/should not do: 


Dirty here means anytime after your hands touched another object. I only touch my face when i wash my face or when i'm applying skincare products. 

Please don't touch your face, especially when you are outside. Your hands have germs and pimples will appear easily when your face is oily and when it comes in contact with germs/bacteria. 

SCOLD YOUR FRIENDS IF THEY TOUCH YOUR FACE. You never know what they touched before when you touched you! 


Doctors say using tissue paper to get rid off your face oil is better than using oil block paper. And i always use tissue paper. You will see a little yellow patch on the tissue paper. That's your face oil! 


I can't stress how important this is for girls, and even guys. Always apply sunblock before you leave the house. You can forget about all the skincare things that i mentioned but you cannot forget this. Sometimes when you are at home, you can apply a little bit of sunblock too because there will be UV Rays in your house as well. 

Sunblock that i use: 

TheFaceShop, Natural Sun Aqua Sun Gel SPF 40 PA+++ , Super Antioxidant ACAIBERRY. 
Biore UV, Aqua Rich SPF 50 PA +++. 

Both are good because it is non sticky. I hate greasy sunblocks. 


I always make sure i wash my hair and face before i sleep on my pillow. This is because most of the times when we sleep, we sleep sidewards. So eventually one side of our face will touch the pillow. If you don't wash your hair/face your face before you sleep on the pillow, circumstance is that your pillow is filled with germs. That's also one of a reasons why people have pimple the next morning when they woke up. I had it a few times before too. 

And also make sure you change your pillow casing frequently. 


Needless to say, fruits are healthy and good for your skin. 

Yeap, i'm sure you know this too.

If you like to eat chilly, it is alright but remember to drink lots of water. If you like to eat fried food, it is okay but gonna be careful too. Fried food is sinful! Just remember to drink water and herbal tea ok? The best is eat steamed/water boil food.

Alright, i think this is what i have for you guys so far. Oh before i forget, we need to scrub off our dead skin once or twice every week too! Buy a decent dead skin remover facial product! Watsons have some good ones! You can try Neutrogena. :) 

I hope you have learnt something new and start taking care of your skin! Our youth is priceless. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Air on the G-string - Violin

Best of all. 

school and money

Constantly asking myself if i am doing the right thing. Sometimes we face situations when we gotta choose either one. 

It's okay if you don't understand. Cause i am in school now, feeling bored! So let's talk about school.

School is such a hassle. My FYP forces me to go down to Chinatown almost every week from now on! Sorry, i don't like Chinatown :( . Except the food... I only love spending time with love ones. 

Now the lecturer is talking and yet i'm blogging. (><). Such a bad student but i'm falling asleep! I have to do something to wake me up. This question just pops up from my head. "Is education really that important?" 

Must we get a degree in order to be successful? What about those people who can't afford to get a degree education or those who don't have a degree certificate? What do they do? Then now i remember what another of my lecturers said once. He said, "Study doesn't mean you are smart. Not studying doesn't mean you are not successful too." 


Yes very true. It doesn't mean that me getting a good education means my personality is good or that i am smart. This society is so realistic, everybody is looking at the certificate that you have. Thus, whether or not you think getting a degree is important or not, its always the best to get one. But the question, "Then u will waste 3 years of your life getting a degree! That 3 years could be use to build ur career." 

Well, i really have no idea. I am struggling starting of this year thinking if i should further my studies or just graduate from poly and come to work. But u imagine what people will think of when they ask you where you graduate from and you reply "Oh, Ngee Ann Poly." LOL. Just a polytechnic student? It is not enough! 

Oh my god, come to think of it, why did i wanna go to a Polytechnic? Not that my Olvl grades are bad. Ok i remember now. I told myself that if i cannot go to the best JCs, i will go the the best Poly. 

So we were talking about wasting that 3 years just to get a degree cert when at the end of the day, you might not even become a millionaire. Not like master students will be a millionaire too! End of the day, it all depends on you knowing precisely what you wanna do in the future. What is your vision and goals and how are you gonna make it come true. Yes obtaining a higher education is always better but do expand your other skills as well. The world is fast-changing and if you are still thinking education is everything then i won't agree! (Its subjective) I think other than education, we need to have good interpersonal skills and be smart in dealing with nasty stuff. You know what kind of people you will meet when you enter the society. If you are stupid/plain dumb, you are gonna get eaten. Sorry its very brutal but its the truth. *Lessons learnt from internship and other work experiences from me*

In summary, in my opinion, school is not everything. It only buys you an assurance that you can get a job. I know of many friends who are not a uni graduate and they are doing just fine with their lives. Some are even better than the graduates! It also comes with luck. Whether you are lucky to meet lucky people in your life who will guide you through and make you successful. 

So i'm thinking that i will continue further studies after graduating from Poly. Yeap i'm buying an assurance. I'm not much of a risk-taker. Unless i have tons of money to waste. But just working in a company and passing my life is definitely not what i want. I wanna be a millionaire! Dare to dream big. Once you dare, nothing is impossible. If you don't even dare to dream, don't talk to me about getting it! Don't waste everyone's time. 

It's gonna be a long path and there will be lots of struggling and sacrifices. But i am ready. As long as its something that i like to do. 

*Fast forward to future when i become a millionaire* 

I will build schools to help the children in Africa, China, anywhere where there's poverty. At least i can help a little by getting them the basic education. There are many people in the world who needs our help. Maybe one $50 note to a person can change his/her life. You just never know how great one small thing can turn into. 

But of course, sometimes i wonder if i should be so kind. A reason why people think charity is fake is because (to me), they simply can't be bothered or they don't want to treat the needy like beggars. Imagine you donating money to a person, but the person didn't even do anything for you! We donate out of sympathy. I don't want that, although it can be part of a reason. If i donate money to a funding foundation, i need something back. It doesn't necessarily need to be in a tangible form. Them knowing people still care and eventually regaining hopes can be one way to repay me. I don't need them to give me fruits ah, bird nests ah or all those things. Why the hell i need those when i am already a millionaire? haha. 

And ya, for those children who needs education to get out from poverty, they can work in my overseas company when they grow up. Its a way to repay me. 

Alright, this is a bit too far. I should stop now. 

Bless this Tuesday. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Random post

Sometimes you feel nobody understands you. They try to be friends with you but u rejected them because for one simple reason, u don't need another one of the same type. 

Btw i watched a youtube video about dating. One very important point to note. We should never never mention about our ex on a date! Please, its a big turn off. And honestly, i kinda hate it too. You are in a new atmosphere with someone new so you shouldn't bring out the old stuff to talk about. We often feel like we know but in fact, we don't know! 

And i always remind myself the same thing. Because we love, so we get hurt. In order not to get hurt, maybe we shouldn't love. And in order not to love, we stop whatever that can make us love! Is this correct? 

But end of the day we are humans, whatever the logical side tells you, you don't care. 

I tend to think a lot and that is what refrains me from doing things that i wanna do. I'm just not confident enough. And at this point if i were to have another heartbreak, i might as well die. 

You guys don't know what i'm talking about now right? Its okay! I will tell you sth that you know and easy t understand. Come to Zirca to party on Wed and Sat! You can pm me for guest lists. There is a 'contact' tab on my blog page and from there u can choose which social media platform to contact me. LOL. There's facebook, twitter and email. 

Follow me on twitter too! I tweet lots of crazy stuff. MY TWITTER 

Bye for now :)