Sunday, November 25, 2012's photoshoot's Photoshoot 

~~~ ~~~ 

I was and am feeling honored to shoot for Ffayth's new collection! To be honest it was quite tiring because the shoot went for about 8 hours. Nevertheless, i enjoyed the time spent with the models, photographer, Ffayth the designer herself and her husband. 

You can look for her designs and clothes at Parco Next NEXT which is located at Milleniawalk at Promenade. It is where local designers like Kenji and WeiLing have their stores at too! Ahh, i miss them. Still remember Kenji's photoshoot was this: 

Not bad right? What do you think?! That was almost one year ago! I think the photographer is awesome. He is a graphic designer (if i didn't remember wrongly) for cosmopolitan. 

*Back to Ffayth!*

Comparing this and one year ago, did my face change? haha. I know i kinda miss my long hair, that's all. But i remember that i said it was for a good change when i cut it. 

one kiss

two kiss

Instagram is good :). I used to only edit photos in instagram & didn't bother about the followers and i follow none because i was too lazy to explore it. But then one day i started to realize it can be quite fun so i started following and 'stalking' people on instagram. lol. 

My Instagram! 
Welcome to follow. 

Took this while i was eating my bread. Her designs make me look like a Japanese for that moment! wahaha. 

Ffayth doesn't like very posy photoshoots and like the consistency. So it was good! haha.

 With another model. Aerdna! Omg she is only 17 and her hairstyle is super stylish. I felt old because the reality hit me that i am already 19, going 20 next year. Yup, i kinda dislike the '2' in front. But i also like the maturity. Contradicting right? :) 
Maybe i didn't hydrate myself well that day. My lips was painful. Observe the reddishness around it. 

Fayth and her husband. haha. She told me how her husband proposed to her (><)" . Hmm~~! Sometimes i dream about how my future husband will propose to me. Then i will get excited and try to chill myself down. Because i dream of fireworks, kneeling, flowers, beautiful elegant gorgeous classic diamond ring, happiness and love. 

Is it too early to think about getting married now? I am only 19 for god's sake. But the fact that i am turning 20 really scares me. When i was 13, i told myself that i will get married when i turn 24. Which means i left with 4 years to decide only. 4 years will past in an blink of an eye. But when i was 16-17, i told myself that i will get married when the right one comes. Just recently, my lecturer told me that women who are 28 and above and not yet married are 'funny' (means sth must be wrong). They will be put to a upper shelf/are the leftovers. 

Then doesn't it make me the leftovers if i am not married by 28? Anw, why are we discussing about this topic? I am still 19. Let's enjoy the youth first. I really really cherish my youth. 

Finish this with a short clip :) 

Have a peaceful Sunday beautiful people!

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