Saturday, November 24, 2012

I love Food

Hello beautiful people, this month is filled with good food. I am sensing the Christmas season! Can you? That night i was at Orchard and i noticed that the decorations have lighted up. Too happy to see it because i love the streets full of Christmas lights. Now i shall hang around town more often to appreciate the decorating efforts make by Hitachi and shopping malls. I especially love Somerset 313 and Tang's Christmas Decoration. Amazing! 

Anw, my mum flew over to Singapore last week to visit me and my sister. We were both eager to see my mum because she rarely come over :( . Now that she does, we get all the good food! The day when she arrived was truly an anticipating day. My sister and I can't stop complaining about each other in front of her...

Imperial Treasure Sper Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon) 

One of the best things when you are with your mother or father is that we don't have to pay for everything. True? But i do cherish them and will promise to take care of them when i am older. 

*Back to FOOD* 

Rating: 4/5 

Simply too awesome! Must order when you are dining at here. 

Sorry guys, i don't know what is this dish called. Actually i don't know what all these dishes are called.

Rating: 4/5 

If you love prawn fried with some milk/butter, this is a must try. Eat it when its still hot. Awesomeness. 

Rating: 5/5 

5/5 because i love this dish. If you don't like organs, you might rate it 0/5 but i love it so yeap, 5/5! 

Rating for both: 3.5/5 

The dish at the bottom of the picture is nicer, so maybe i shall rate it 4/5... The top is 3.5/5. 

Rating: 4.5/5 because i love vegetables. 

Rating: 6/5 . 

Over-rated because this is my favourite dim sum of all time. Favourite. Its a must for me to order if every time when i dine in a dim sum restaurant. Being a typical cantonese, i love dim sum. :) 

Siew mai and char siew bao are very common dim sum that you see. I don't really like char siew bao so i'm gonna rate it 3.5/5 but it tastes really delicious. So for an unbias purpose, i shall rate it fairly at 4.5/5. 

Then we also ordered the peking duck skin and noodles. 

Now for dessert time! 

Also, 80% of times i will order mango pudding for dessert. 

And this is Gui Ling Gao, which i don't really like but my mother forced me to eat because she said i was very heaty. 

My mother is the type of person that will force her daughter to do something just because she thinks it is good. So i have to give sufficient reasons to disobey her. But now she is more reasonable so i am very happy. lol. I sound childish here but mummy, i still love you. 

Imperial Treasure (ION Orchard)

I don't know why too but i think Imperial Treasure's good is really nice. I have quite a high expectations on food and ugly food presentation pisses me off. Gonna show u one must try later in this place! Strongly recommended by 100% cantonese. (wait, my grandfather is from macau. Maybe i have a little bit of portuguese blood from my great great ancestor)

Egg Tart! 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Also, i love portuguese egg tart :) . 

These are all my favourite food. 

This is not so of my favourite food because i don't like xiao long bao... 

called 流沙包. It has very yummy egg yolk filling that will ooze out when you tear the bao apart. Seriously, where can you find this great cooking technique? Imperial Treasure is the place to eat it. 

Paradise Dynasty (ION Orchard)

I didn't know food is inexpensive here! 

Rating: 4/5 

Rating: 4.5/5 

I love this pork bone soup. Yummy~~~ 

Dean & Deluca (Orchard Central)

Had brunch with dear Jessica before we headed to Chinatown to do our FYP.

I wasted this meal because i couldn't finish half of the pancakes. It is too filling! 

I shall try the scramble egg with sausages next time. 

I thank god for allowing me to eat great food. For that i appreciate food and i love food. Will have a post like this soon. Maybe this time round it won't be in town area. Something cheaper yet very delicious too. 

I had a great Friday today. Hope you guys do too! 


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