Sunday, November 4, 2012

Random post

Sometimes you feel nobody understands you. They try to be friends with you but u rejected them because for one simple reason, u don't need another one of the same type. 

Btw i watched a youtube video about dating. One very important point to note. We should never never mention about our ex on a date! Please, its a big turn off. And honestly, i kinda hate it too. You are in a new atmosphere with someone new so you shouldn't bring out the old stuff to talk about. We often feel like we know but in fact, we don't know! 

And i always remind myself the same thing. Because we love, so we get hurt. In order not to get hurt, maybe we shouldn't love. And in order not to love, we stop whatever that can make us love! Is this correct? 

But end of the day we are humans, whatever the logical side tells you, you don't care. 

I tend to think a lot and that is what refrains me from doing things that i wanna do. I'm just not confident enough. And at this point if i were to have another heartbreak, i might as well die. 

You guys don't know what i'm talking about now right? Its okay! I will tell you sth that you know and easy t understand. Come to Zirca to party on Wed and Sat! You can pm me for guest lists. There is a 'contact' tab on my blog page and from there u can choose which social media platform to contact me. LOL. There's facebook, twitter and email. 

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Bye for now :) 

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