Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reflection Time

I love spending quiet moments at home. It is a time for me to reflect what i've done and need to be done. And to think about life and why humans behave in a certain way that we ourselves don't understand either. Then i will also think about why there are poor and rich. And why society views a certain situation this way and not try to put into another perception. Why there are beauty and ugliness. Why is there love and hatred. How we can constantly improve ourselves and be happier.

Too often we focus on things we want to achieve and we neglect what the consequences can bring to the people around us. In the process of achieving your life dream goals, you should also be considerate and think for others. We can give a little and take a little. There should be a balance in life. I realize i work a little too hard these days, ended up, i neglected my studies. I also realize i spend a little too much time with my friends and work, ended up, i neglected my family. It has come to this point whereby i think i need to start balancing my life. Honestly, we will never make enough money. We just want more and more. By nature humans are greedy. So at which point is it considered 'enough' ? That's for you to justify. What do you think you want in your life? Again like i said, money is never enough. Take some time to spend with your love ones and don't be too money-oriented. I think in the process of making money, we gotta know whats the best for us and be considerate with the people around u. There are many other things for me to do besides earning money. I think i can spend one whole day listening to my grandmother's stories and go fishing together. But money is still important. Just need to have a balance.

Sometimes we know what we are doing might be wrong, but we go ahead. I think we can all stop at this moment and think back. Wake your mind up.

I have been alright lately. It is inevitable to have some downs but i know i should be positive and not take it to heart. So can you, if you are having some problems like me as well. Last time when i was in Secondary School, me and my classmates used to say 'They are jealous because i am special." It is from a Literature book. "They are jealous because i am special." Don't bother with too much on how people look at you. Everyone is different. If there are people who love you, there will be people who dislike you when, in fact, you are just perfectly fine and sweet. So why bother what these people think about you? Just ignore and climb back up. "We fall, we cry, and then we get back up."

Well, easily said than done. But its okay. I have faith in you. Believe in yourself. The sky is the limit.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you will have a nice Ladies' Night if anyone is going for it. Pm me for guest lists to Zirca if anyone is keen to come tonight :) . You can find my contact info under the 'Contact Me' tab!

xx and hope you guys like the photoshoot i had recently! Gonna upload more food pics soon too.

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