Tuesday, November 6, 2012

school and money

Constantly asking myself if i am doing the right thing. Sometimes we face situations when we gotta choose either one. 

It's okay if you don't understand. Cause i am in school now, feeling bored! So let's talk about school.

School is such a hassle. My FYP forces me to go down to Chinatown almost every week from now on! Sorry, i don't like Chinatown :( . Except the food... I only love spending time with love ones. 

Now the lecturer is talking and yet i'm blogging. (><). Such a bad student but i'm falling asleep! I have to do something to wake me up. This question just pops up from my head. "Is education really that important?" 

Must we get a degree in order to be successful? What about those people who can't afford to get a degree education or those who don't have a degree certificate? What do they do? Then now i remember what another of my lecturers said once. He said, "Study doesn't mean you are smart. Not studying doesn't mean you are not successful too." 


Yes very true. It doesn't mean that me getting a good education means my personality is good or that i am smart. This society is so realistic, everybody is looking at the certificate that you have. Thus, whether or not you think getting a degree is important or not, its always the best to get one. But the question, "Then u will waste 3 years of your life getting a degree! That 3 years could be use to build ur career." 

Well, i really have no idea. I am struggling starting of this year thinking if i should further my studies or just graduate from poly and come to work. But u imagine what people will think of when they ask you where you graduate from and you reply "Oh, Ngee Ann Poly." LOL. Just a polytechnic student? It is not enough! 

Oh my god, come to think of it, why did i wanna go to a Polytechnic? Not that my Olvl grades are bad. Ok i remember now. I told myself that if i cannot go to the best JCs, i will go the the best Poly. 

So we were talking about wasting that 3 years just to get a degree cert when at the end of the day, you might not even become a millionaire. Not like master students will be a millionaire too! End of the day, it all depends on you knowing precisely what you wanna do in the future. What is your vision and goals and how are you gonna make it come true. Yes obtaining a higher education is always better but do expand your other skills as well. The world is fast-changing and if you are still thinking education is everything then i won't agree! (Its subjective) I think other than education, we need to have good interpersonal skills and be smart in dealing with nasty stuff. You know what kind of people you will meet when you enter the society. If you are stupid/plain dumb, you are gonna get eaten. Sorry its very brutal but its the truth. *Lessons learnt from internship and other work experiences from me*

In summary, in my opinion, school is not everything. It only buys you an assurance that you can get a job. I know of many friends who are not a uni graduate and they are doing just fine with their lives. Some are even better than the graduates! It also comes with luck. Whether you are lucky to meet lucky people in your life who will guide you through and make you successful. 

So i'm thinking that i will continue further studies after graduating from Poly. Yeap i'm buying an assurance. I'm not much of a risk-taker. Unless i have tons of money to waste. But just working in a company and passing my life is definitely not what i want. I wanna be a millionaire! Dare to dream big. Once you dare, nothing is impossible. If you don't even dare to dream, don't talk to me about getting it! Don't waste everyone's time. 

It's gonna be a long path and there will be lots of struggling and sacrifices. But i am ready. As long as its something that i like to do. 

*Fast forward to future when i become a millionaire* 

I will build schools to help the children in Africa, China, anywhere where there's poverty. At least i can help a little by getting them the basic education. There are many people in the world who needs our help. Maybe one $50 note to a person can change his/her life. You just never know how great one small thing can turn into. 

But of course, sometimes i wonder if i should be so kind. A reason why people think charity is fake is because (to me), they simply can't be bothered or they don't want to treat the needy like beggars. Imagine you donating money to a person, but the person didn't even do anything for you! We donate out of sympathy. I don't want that, although it can be part of a reason. If i donate money to a funding foundation, i need something back. It doesn't necessarily need to be in a tangible form. Them knowing people still care and eventually regaining hopes can be one way to repay me. I don't need them to give me fruits ah, bird nests ah or all those things. Why the hell i need those when i am already a millionaire? haha. 

And ya, for those children who needs education to get out from poverty, they can work in my overseas company when they grow up. Its a way to repay me. 

Alright, this is a bit too far. I should stop now. 

Bless this Tuesday. 


  1. I always believe higher education is a privilege. As you correctly pointed out, there are people who cannot afford an education.

    And education is definitely no guarantee of success either. To view education as a stepping stone to success is a major failing of society. It breeds discrimination, egoism, selfishness, and elitism. Very Bad.

    People who are given the opportunity should do it with the appreciation that we are studying on behalf of those who did not have the opportunity. It is only when we can fully cultivate this attitude can studying changed from a chore to an enjoyable activity.

    Gratitude is key. And to repay this gratitude is the mark of a truly decent human being.

    All the best!