Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to smell good? And Christmas blessings!

How did you guys spend your first half month of December? I hope everyone had fun so far! Christmas is near and i know we can't wait to celebrate this awesome festival! Christmas has always been my most favourite seasons of the year. So we will be partying, having lots of fun and of course, we are gonna spend lots of money too. I just burned a hole in my pocket this month. But well! Its Christmas! All worth it.

And while you are having lots of fun, i'm sure you wanna smell good too. Especially for ladies. Actually, for gentlemen too but you guys have an excuse cause you are a guy. I just thought of doing a really fast & quick video on what i do before i go out from my house every time, for the underarm. Sometimes our armpits can smell really bad (><)... Nothing to be ashamed of, we can always work it out.

This video will introduce to you the product that i've been using for a long time ever since i found out my underarm area can smell too! LOL. But ever since i started using this, it doesn't smell bad even if i don't apply for a day or so. Strong recommendation. 

Also, i didn't put on make up in this video so please don't "wah, so ugly..." when you see it. Haha. I haven't been sleeping well lately due to lots of projects and work at night. Find me at Playhouse/Zirca next week! Feel free to pm me for guest lists to either of the place! I will tell you about the detail to be under guest lists. 

Work aside, i want to go back to my Christmas topic. I think this is the first year i feel a little bit more anticipated than my previous years for Christmas. Things have changed, people changed, environment changed, many things aren't the same as i thought it should be anymore. But it is okay, what matters the most is that we learn to adapt to changes and face it with a positive mindset. Though sometimes we face challenges and we might break down & cry, but it is alright. Everything is gonna be fine afterwards. Where there is storm & lightning, there is rainbow. 

I have been feeling a little down during this period. I don't know when this bad feeling will haunt me again, i hope never, but i know i gotta be strong. This Christmas taught me how to appreciate the people around me more & cherish those who are still alive. We are been blessed because we are surrounded by people who love us! I miss my mum now, even though we tend to argue often. She cooks the best dinner, in my mind. I miss all my relatives in Hong Kong and i hope i could spend Christmas time with all of them one day! 

Most importantly, I know i am blessed now and i am truly happy for that. 

Ok! I will wish you guys again when Christmas is really near. Its only 16th of December now. 8 more days left to Christmas! 

But still, i wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance. :) 

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