Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love is...

What is love?

Love is simple. Love is pure. Love is happy. Love is trust. Love is passion. Love is forever. 

I think different people have different definition for love. Someone may think love is about feeling secure and liking the feeling of being together. Someone else may think love is about commitment and trust. Some think love is about adventures and fun. What is love to me? 

Honestly at this age, i haven't got a clear definition of love. I don't know what is love. When you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you say 'i love you'. At that point of time, yes maybe you really do love him or her but what is the use of saying those 3 words when, at the end of the day, both of you split? I thought love is forever. Once you love someone, it is hard to give up. 

I guess love to me isn't just about being in a fairytale dream. I am quite a realistic person but sometimes i live in my own world too. 

Love to me (at this age) is being with your partner through the thick and thin. When he is sad, i will be sad with him and cheer him up. When he is happy, i will be happy with him and hope he is always happy. When he is angry, i will want to 'kill' the person who makes him angry. (lol, just joking but this is how i will feel). When he is demoralized, i will give him confidence. When he is sick, i will take care of him. When he is lost, i will be with him. 

Love needs a lot of patience and tolerance. 

On a practical note, he must worth my patience and tolerance too. It is not easy to know someone who worths your time and love. I can't possibly love a guy who is often demoralized and is not motivated to improve himself. Right? 

Cherish the happy moments spent with him. Learn from the unhappy times spent with him. Love becomes simple when two becomes one. 

How do you know when you love someone? 

Don't think that when you are thinking of the person day & night, it means love. It can just be a crush or an affection. The honeymoon period is always the best. Like what my mum said, "When he is chasing after you, he can give you the "star" from sky." 

I think i know it when i know i want to be with him for the longest period of time. I know it when i can see a future with him. I know it when i know i am willing to sacrifice my time for him, not just for the first few months, but for the rest of the years. Feeling secured, feeling loved, feeling happy. 

There may be heated arguments sometimes but i believe we can make our way through and let it work. Maybe we will have a cold war for months but at the end of the day, we will be a happy couple back. 

Love is not just by looking at the appearance. Yeah the girl is sexy and hot and pretty, but is she someone you want to be with for the rest of your life? Does she has this inner beauty that makes you a better person? Or is she just someone you wanna get on the bed with? Imagine what will happen when she gets old, with wrinkles and white hair. Will you still love her? 

Oh yes, i want a man who can make me a better person and will constantly want to improve myself. Love can be simple, ironically, it can be complex too. There are a lot of things that we cannot explain. 

There was once when i felt really tired of having to love someone. I thought i would just be better off by someone. I could work hard and earn lots of money and then i won't need to depend on a man. But anyway even if i have a man, i will work hard and earns lots of money too. Then we hear stories from success adults that the best thing in life is to find someone you love and be with that someone. Money can be buy everything but not love. 

How is it possible that you love the person but end up saying goodbye? 

 You think you love him and he loves you. True, you guys were happy for the first few years then things turned ugly and you guys split. What is the cause? There are so many different reasons. One, you guys are not meant to be together. Two, someone else is better for you. Three, you realize you don't actually love him. Four, you don't trust him after all. Five, you can no courage to continue for this relationship seems uncertain. Six, he is not the one you are looking for! Seven, he betrays you. Eight, he beats you. Nine, you cheated on him. Ten, peer pressure. Eleven, family issues. Twelve, it is time to say bye bye. Thirteen, you found someone better. Fourteen, i can't think of other reasons anymore. 

We often think that we love that person. But do we really do? The more i talk, the more i am confusing myself. I am not an expert in relationships but i am sincere and truthful. If i ever found the right one, i won't let him go. I know it when i want to be with him forever. 

What about you? 

And a very happy December guys! I hope you spend the last month of 2012 happily! Cherish whatever that you have now and look forward for the next best things in life :) 

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