Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We are Finally Done with FYP!!!

Feels weird deleting all the unwanted school files on my desktop right now. Feels happy too. Feels a little upset at the same time. Happy that the module has finally ended. All the hard work has finally reap. Upset that the reality hits me. Deleting means that your poly life is coming to the end journey too.

I have never thought that i would be this emotional when it comes to graduating. Today, my team mates and I finally ended our Final Year Project Presentation at NUS. We felt so relieved. In fact, everyone felt relieved. The 3 months of ‘blood’ and ‘sweat’ is coming to an end. All the research, sleepless nights, analyzing of data, meetings, consultations and stress of FYP are finally coming to a stop. This is it. WE ARE FINALLY DONE WITH FYP!!!!

We arrived at NUS early in the morning, 8.30am. Our group is the first to present. Our client is the Singapore Tourism Board. Last night, we spent close to 3 hours rehearsing our slides together. It was tiring but I enjoyed it. I like having team bonding. We were feeling nervous. We were discussing whether we should split ourselves into 3 – 3 or present it all together at one side. We got our script ready but we also memorized it too. In case we become really nervous and forget what we are supposed to say, we can refer to the script. Truth was that when we presented, there was almost no time to look at the script! We say it all out based on what we remembered. They said I did a good job, I said we all did a good job.

Then we had a lot of refreshments and the food was really delicious. LOL. I have to admit that it was really nice. There were Tiramisu, cheese cakes, fruits, sandwiches, rice, coffee and tea, egg prawns, chicken meat, and so many more! Haha.

Ok, back to the topic. All the presentations were finally finished at 4.15pm. We had another small refreshment before we went for debrief. That was the thing that hit me. I realized I actually do like the life in Poly. The lecturers were saying how much we have grown throughout these 3 years. Two of them taught us when we were in our first year. Time flies. Some of us felt emotional when we know that we are graduating soon and we will go have separate lifes.

For the guys, they will be ‘wearing green’.
For the girls, they will be either working or studying or getting married or all three of them.

Today is the last day of school. There are no more classes till we see one another during examinations.

Honestly, I feel that the time is really going too fast. It feels like I was just a fresh student yesterday in NP. Can you imagine how many projects and tests I’ve done? And going through OIP in Tianjin for 5 weeks? I remember the trip to Tianjin was a killer. I couldn’t find western food and all the local product brands annoyed me. I have also finished my internship last year. I spent half of 2012 working in the airport. There were many ups and downs. I discovered the ‘dark secrets’ what adults would say.

And back in school for the last semester after internship, we had our FYP and many other assignments. To be honest, FYP isn't that entirely tiring and stressful. To a certain extend, there are many things that need to be done. The scale of the project is much bigger and much more serious. And that is why we have our team members with us.

I am living comfortably these 3 years in Poly and now its all coming to an end very soon. Though I may not know everyone well, I will still say HI to you if I see you on the street. I cherish all the friendships made. Poly is really something meaningful. I have not regretted it.

2 more tests and 3 more major exams to go before I’m officially done with Polytechnic. Its already the end of January guys! I hope all of you have lived this first month of 2013 meaningful. Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I hope you have already planned for your future.

We shouldn’t live with regrets and now we are still young. Some of us are still 19 while some of us just turned 20. (I’M STILL 19 BTW!) The number ‘2’ hits me hard. It’s the time you take risks and make it happen. It’s also the time where we can handle these risks. If you wait till you are old, your level of risk taking will be much lower. If you have a great plan of the future, do it now before you regret. In a blink of an eye, 10 years will pass. And 10 years later if you are not at anywhere, you are just wasting those years. Now, before you regret, do something meaningful and good for the future. TIME FOR RISKS!

I want to be a little secretive this time. So I’m not telling you my plans yet. But all I can say is that I’m going to trade in the stock market real soon. If you (to those I told) have listened to me and buy CityDev when the price dropped tremendously, you would have been earning profits now. Not the time to sell yet. Wait for a better time.

Oh and for THBEV ..... 

(If you don't know what i'm talking about, you can skip to the bottom part because this is related to stock.) 

Our project team in the Stock Module did a great job! Despite the lecturer saying that we should buy when THBEV is below $0.40 and sell when its above $0.40, we recommended in the project that we should buy @ $0.45. Because at that time, the trading price was @ $0.45. We read the news, do the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis, we recommend to buy in the end. Actually we struggled with the recommendation part because we were not certain whether we should buy, sell or hold. But i told them, "Just buy lah. If THBEV won the bid, the price sure go up." and my friend was saying, "But THBEV is already trading at quite a high price liao... later drop then how?" Then when some of us decided not to buy, the rest decided to buy and vice versa. LOL. And we were struggling for more than an hour! 

(Thinking back about that day, it makes me laugh. We stayed till 8pm in the school. I was in school at day since 9am. 11 hours guys.)

Guess it needs luck too. We suggested to sell @ $0.49, predicting that it will raise to this price within a month. Surprisingly guess what??? Today, THBEV is trading @ $0.535!!! Oh gosh. That project was only submitted last week! Anw, we kinda crap in the report as well. The happy thing is that we gave the lecturer a right recommendation. 

Enough of stocks, i can sit on the computer and see the price going up and down every minute. But i can't be addicted too. 

So i was talking about graduating. The lecturer left us with a note "So i will see you guys during graduation day." I hope i won't cry that day. 

It is another phase of life. I hate it. But this is life. It makes me feel a little upset today. I really dislike changes. But we need to adapt to it. Society is changing every now and then. We have to keep up with it. It will just get more and more competitive. I hope to see many successful people coming from this course! Maybe some of us would become directors in hotels or in the aviation industry 10 years down the road. Maybe some of us would become successful entrepreneurs! Some of us would be happily married. And for me, I would be a HAPPY Tai Tai. LOL. Ok, just joking but which woman doesn't want to be happily married with a successful husband who cares and loves only you? On a serious note, i see myself becoming someone great one day too. 

Remember, don't regret, take a risk now before it gets too late.

 You have nothing to lose now.  

Update: Just got some new photos from my bro Fabian! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update for the week

Hello beautiful people! How is everyone doing in the new year so far? I think we all are feeling the same, that there is nothing special in 2013. People don't just change suddenly within 1 day. You won't see a difference so quickly. Hope don't lose faith. We must be positive. Yes, when i'm telling you, i'm telling myself at the same time too.

This post won't have any pictures for your information. Just blogging my thoughts out. Read it if you like reading my blog :) I thank those who have been following so far! 

Honestly I didn't enjoy my new year. The first day didn't start off well because i was sick that week. Things didn't go my way & i was feeling upset & over emotional sometimes. And due to school pressure, my mood was further affected negatively. To be true, i am a sad person. Like it or not, accept it or not, this is me. Of course i always will try to be positive and do my best in everything. But i will always have this spot for myself. This spot will never change, at least not now.

So how did you guys spend your first week of the new year? I hope everyone had a great week. For final year student, like me, in poly, jiayou for all the projects and assignments! This stress must be taken. It is the final year. We hope to achieve the best of what we can for this last year. I regretted not studying well during year 2. Now my GPA is badly affected by that year. Even though i had a 3.5 last semester, it didn't pull up to a 3.6 for my cumulative GPA. So for this last semester, i must at least get a 3.8 man. Surprisingly my sister is very good with her academy. Her GPA maintains at a 3.9. Both of us are under the same mother and father, but why is she smarter than me? :( . But i have things better than her too lah. haha.

Alright, skip school, let's talk about life. School is a hassle, even though its fun to be around with friends. But work is definitely worse than school, that for sure i know. What's the thing that you want to do the most when you have enough money to spend for the rest of your life? I would want to lay back and enjoy life. Help with Charity and pamper myself. Ok, its a stupid question. But maybe some of you want an adventure! Who knows.

Sometimes we meet problems and we lose motivation and faith. Sometimes we wonder why we were born like this. Sometimes we blame others for what we become today. Sometimes we think life is really unfair. Sometimes we just want to sleep forever and never wake up because we are too tired to suffer another day of reality. Sometimes...sometimes we are just weak...

Enough of the sadness now! I believe everything happens for a reason. If you are sad, just cry it out and then do something to improve the situation. If you can't do anything, let time be the solution. I know words are cheap. There was a time when i was really annoyed with something. I can't possibly think of a solution. But deep down i know its just a small problem, maybe i'm just too sensitive, maybe i care & observe too much. Know what I did? First few hours i was pissed off, i tune myself out from the world. I refused to talk to that person. I simply don't know how i should be like towards that person. Should i act like i don't care and be happy? Or should i confront that person? but its just a small problem, which is affecting me too. And i know i shouldn't rush things out. When you are at the moments of anger & sadness, you tend to lose logical sense. So i waited, for 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, until i decided i've calm down. (But actually that's wad i always do when i am angry. Because i know things that i do when i'm angry is never meant for real.) When i've calm down, i think back the same question. So should i confront that person? What should i say? Or should i just let it go? But what if it happens again? How will that person think about me if i would to voice my opinions out? I analyze almost every possible outcomes.

When you know me long enough, you know i like to analyze, have a set of possible consequences in mind before i do or say something. But there are cases whereby i do things, following my heart. So back to that problematic situation. In the end, i managed to come out with reasons to avoid thinking negatively. I confronted that person, nicely. If i would to let go, its as though something is stuck in my heart. I need to "pluck it out". Through this, i've learnt a lesson.

You can't always do things your way. We can't always make people do what we want. Yes, at the start, they may be really nice to you, they can do whatever you want. You feel like you're the king. But hello... things change. No matter how badly you wish this would never happen, IT WILL HAPPEN. I call it the different phrase. I had a really hard time accepting this fact. Actually even till now, i'm still trying to adapt and to accept. It really takes a long time.

I like this sentence that i read in twitter yesterday. It says "We met for a reason. Either you're a blessing or a lesson". HOW I LOVE IT. I hope the person i'm meeting now is a blessing! Well who doesn't wish the people we are meeting now is a blessing? But honestly, i've met people who is a lesson way more than those who are a blessing. Sigh, but this is life. We grow stronger though.

I've grow much stronger after all these falls. And i know in times to come, i will face some more.

Suddenly, i have questions to ask.

Would you want to have moderate amount of money in your life but have time to spend it or would you want a lot of money in your life but you have no time to spend it?

Would you want a quiet and simple life and die saying "So its time to die, thank you..." or would you want a vibrant life with lots of ups and downs and die saying "So i've live a meaningful life." ?

or put it this way

Would you want a simple life with enough money to spend or would you want to start a poor life, suffering a lot of hardships but you become super rich in the end?

Would you give up your career for love or would you give up love for career?

What is it that you really want in life? Have you got a plan already?

At which point is 'enough money' really enough?

When will you ever be satisfied?

Throw aside whatever you are doing now & start asking yourself. :)

Goodnights beautiful ones.