Monday, February 25, 2013


Nothings gonna change my love by Kaori Kobayashi. 
Its still my favourite piece of Saxophone song. Please play it if not you won't know what i'm talking about here. 

I was thinking if i should be blogging about my diet/food eaten recently here or shall i blog about something else. But first of all, i really thank u guys for the comments given to me about the posts i blogged about. I'm a thinker so i like writing thoughtful posts. It gives me a different perspective of life other than eating, enjoying, and working. Before we die, we should all hit the self-actualization point whereby we finally understand what life is all about. Its not just about the money or the love, but something else more worthwhile. 

I finally know what i wanna blog about. Let's talk about friends. Honestly, i don't have a lot of friends. Ok i do have a lot of friends but maybe i should call them acquaintances? In life, you only need one or two real friends. What are real friends? Friends who are always there no matter happiness or sadness. No lies, no cheating, no backstabbing, no bullshit. 

If you are close enough with me, u would know that i don't have many female friends! In fact, its just maybe one or two. I know a lot of female friends but sadly, we don't hang out :( . So are they still friends? lol. I really don't know but i am one who will make effort in sustaining a friendship. Then the question comes. Why don't I have female friends? 

90% of my friends are guys. I'm really being honest here. Some girls are just fated to have more guy friends than female friends. And i don't fancy girl clique or girls gathering. I like to be alone and i only like to hangout with just one or two female friends together. Actually, i forgotten when was the last time i hang out with more than 1 female friend together. I think it was 6, 7 years ago? 

The reason is simple

I have a phobia with girls. 

And the reason for this reason is even more simple

Girls are scary. 

Ok i should end this post here before all my lady friends run away! lol. But if you know me really well enough, u know i don't do anything bad things to my friends. I'm just saying this because i think generally, girls are scary to me. Their thoughts are complicated. They can be doing this to you and another thing behind your back. She can be friendly to you but you never know she might be secretly in love with your boyfriend. Woo that sounds scary right? Imagine you introduce your boyfriend to your best friend (who is a girl). And then don't know what happen and your best friend grew an interest towards your boyfriend. Now the most sucky thing is that maybe your boyfriend likes her too! The conclusion is that your boyfriend is a jerk and your best friend is a bitch.  

Sounds harsh? Two of your closest people lied and cheated on you. This is not harsh. We are just doing what we should do to protect ourself. 

Girls are also scary because you never know what they are really thinking! I'm saying this as a person who has gone through this experience. Even sometimes, honestly, you won't know what i'm really thinking now too. Can you? Would you know that i'm actually complaining about your personality/doing sth that i know i shouldn't be doing but still pretending nothing has happened ? How is that possible? Of course its possible. Because we have all done it before. Please don't lie to yourself. I'm sure everyone has done it before. When you are in Primary one, or in secondary school, or even now. I have even seen it in the working society. I don't know if i should call this childishness or whatever but the thought of this makes me feel uneasy. I won't want to deal with this kind of person. 

And you may also heard of this sentence before. It says 最毒妇人心. It means a woman is the most dangerous creature on earth. If you wanna talk about being real cunning, a man can never win a woman for this. If a woman wants to be heartless, she can be even more heartless than a guy. The reason why we think women are weak is just simply because we are emotional creatures. We tend to use our heart more often than our brain. 

Maybe because i know to a certain extend what a woman can do, i choose to stay away from trouble. But anyway, this doesn't mean that being friend with a guy is safer than being with a girl. You choose your friend wisely. Listen, if this friend is not worth it then forget about it. This goes the same for a relationship. If your partner is not worth your efforts then forget it. But in the end, its always your call to decide whether its worthy or not. At times we need to think for ourself first. This is not being selfish but why wanna hurt yourself right? Its all part of growing up. If you need to fall down before knowing, then fall. Or else, keep yourself safe. 

You may have hundreds of friends, but you will only have one or two truthful friends in that hundreds. These friends will never leave you. They are true keepers. I hope i can do that for my friends too. 

It just really hurts me if i know that my true friends are hiding something from me. This feeling is not good and i hate it. 

Friends... Choose Wisely... :) 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

My thoughts on love

He held her hand and said, "I am in love with you, I am not gonna giving up."
She came closer to him and said, "This is all i am afraid of but i am not running anymore."
He said, "There is no safer place than being in my arms. I will protect you."

In this Valentine's Day, let us be brave and support each other. Giving each other courage and love, the care and the trust. It's a start over.

Many things i didn't say, doesn't mean it don't exist. There are things waiting for the right time to tell. I used to dream of being a scriptwriter. Writing down many walks of life into stories and sharing with the world. I have very good imagination too. I love doing romantic things for my bf. I love giving surprises and be faithful in what I do. Sometimes we have setbacks, we lose faith. We wait for the one we trust to hold us back together. He will reach out his comforting arms and hold you back. That's when our faith regains. It is a cycle. When he loses faith, she will be the one reaching out her promising hands and hold him back. This is what we call, love.

I have a story in my mind ever since i was young. It is truly a fairytale story.

After all that happens, the man dressed in white suit came with a white carriage, 2 dozens of white roses, little star shape lights on the tree. Under this tree, with his sincere heart, he made his promises to the girl. 

And they live happily every after. 

No need big fireworks, no need fancy jewelry, no need 3 carat ring, no need ferrari, no need millions of dollars. Just his sincere and eternity heart, giving the girl the life she needs. Giving her no worries and a shoulder to lean on. 

It is just this simple.


However put all these romantic things aside, you guys should also learn how to decode girls' words too.

When I say "Its my birthday, no big deal." What i really mean is "It is a big deal, please surprise me with something fabulous." 
When I say "Give me 5 more mintues" I actually mean "Give me about 30 minutes more" 
When I say "What's so good about flowers?" I actually do mean "Maybe you can give me one soon" 
When I say "I am alright, just a little tired and hungry" Well for you it means "Take me out for dinner and pamper me with some love" 
When I ask "Isn't my friend pretty?" what i mean is "Tell me... that you haven't even notice because you only have eyes on me" 
When I say "I love you" it actually means ....... "that i really do love you" 

And as usual, ending off with the song i'm listening to now :)

Have a happy Sunday beautiful people.
Let's rock tmr's exam. (For me)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


I see many people flooding VDay wishes all over facebook and twitter. Some are complaining that they are single and forever alone. Some wish all couples out there happy. Some wish the singles out there can find their right one this year. For me, i would like to put it in a more positive way.

Firstly, I wish all couples stay together and live happily ever after. Secondly, I wish all singles to meet their Mr/Mrs. Right soon! Lastly, spend today well!

What is so big about Valentine's Day? Actually, this is quite true. If two people really love each other, every day is Valentine's Day! But to be honest, every day can't be Valentine's Day. Some of us are extremely busy people, so we definitely won't have the time to be romantic everyday. In fact, there are bound to be arguments and quarrels during some period. I guess today is just the day where you really show how much you love and appreciate your partner. It is like a wake-up-call-day. If you normally don't do romantic things, today is the day you do it! Surprise your partner!

We all need love to live healthy!

If you are reading this post now, i'm guessing that you're probably single. Because only a single could have this time to read a blog post. If you're attached, you should just close this window now and think about what you can do for your Valentine instead!

If its me, I would learn how to bake a cake and do a Valentine's Day card this year. I do have lots of ideas in creating good memories and things. We just gonna put some efforts in whatever things that we are doing. If you say you love her, yes it is very sweet and nice, but what did you do to make her feel that you really do love her? The point is, action speaks louder than words! If you're attached and you're still reading my blog post now, i suggest you shut down the com now and do something meaningful with your love one instead!

You have 24 hours to celebrate Valentine's Day! It is now 11 am and you probably have about 12 hours to do whatever thing that you need to do today. Whether it is a confession or celebrating with your partner, do it right and i hope you succeed :) .

Talking about confession, i thought of this tweet that i read 5 days ago. It says (let me change a bit to suit today) "Today is Valentine's Day. If you are secretly in love with me, i suggest you reveal it now."

Yeah guys, there's no shame in confessing your love to the person. I have learned a lesson this year. There is no shame in love. It is just whether you want to fight for it or not! Of course, nothing can be forced too.

If your confession fails, it is fine! Just make sure you guys are still friends. I'm sure that person is not that silly to the state where he/she ignores you from now on. Because he/she would be stupid to ignore the person who loves themselves. Just keep it cool and steady alright? If you never confess, you would never know. And this, is the fact. It's just like if you never ask, you would never know.

If you and your partner is having an argument now, I suggest you analyze if this is the right time to talk it out or to talk to that person. Sometimes, you need to give your partner some space to think. It doesn't mean that he/she does not like you anymore, it just means that - at this period of time, with what is happening to you two right now, a time to think is the best solution. Of course i wish everything will be alright eventually. Don't be too upset okay! Like i said, if you think its worth it, fight for it. But my fight-for-it does not mean that you spam messages and calls to him/her. Or that you do crazy things to make him/her feel annoyed. I guess u know what those things are. My fight-for-it just means that whatever that you do, you don't have to give up. Just keep faith and secretly be there for him/her.

Hey its tough but love should be unconditional. But it always need to have both parties to be willing to work hard together.

So what am i gonna do this year for Valentine's Day? It's my first time spending VDay in Hong Kong! Honestly to me, i just feel that today is like any other day. Just that i would see more roses and couples on the street. Which i know i will feel kinda jealous too. haha. But its fine cause i'm spending it with my family! Maybe someone can make up Valentine's Day for me when i come back? lol.

I had a few good moments in my life so far. Let me try to flash back my memories and see what are those. okay...

  • Someone sent me white roses all the way from New South Wales to my door step! I love white roses. They are pure and romantic. It symbolizes purity, sincerity and innocence. Of a world unspoiled and untarnished. That shocking moment when i went home and saw those flowers. I seriously went crazy. A girl like me is easy to satisfy right? hahaha. 

  • Cakes surprises! Ok, i love surprises. Anything that is a surprise for me is good moment for me. 

  • And definitely this year's CNY firework. Absolutely gorgeous! 

I guess in the future, my good moments would be: Marriage proposal, giving birth to my babies (the moment when the baby is out and you first feel him/her) and going on holiday trips with my husband. LOL. I sound like i need to get married ASAP. But aren't these good moments for every girl? And good moments like getting a car and buying your first house!

Alright, I'm ending my post here. I will upload my latest photoshoot pictures really soon!

Have a well spend Valentine's Day :)
P/S: Actually i like red roses too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since young, i love watching firework. This year's CNY firework in HK is the best firework i have ever seen in my life. Absolutely stunning! Kinda regretted not coming back to HK for CNY all these years. 

Ready for firework??? 

Here we go! 

The 20 mins long firework. It was breath-taking. My sister said, "wah...if the guy propose to you with this firework written Will You Marry Me.. omg..." 

Yeah, that we could wait next life. It would never happen. haha. Unless he is filthy rich but rich guys aren't faithful guys. 

Shop abit at the central before heading back home. I bought lots of gifts for my friends! Whoever that i thought of :) See u guys when i am back. 

And the abalone specially cooked by the head chef! Oh its yummy~ I never like eating abalone. But this time round, it makes my mouth watery. 

Did you guys have a great CNY so far? 

I've been instragram-ing quite a bit lately. If only i could edit the pictures without posting it up...

I heard of a story. It goes like this... 

When 2 people meet, doesn't mean they know each other.
Met, doesn't mean they love each other.
Loved, doesn't mean they can endure each other.
Endured, doesn't mean they can be together till old. 

That's all. Peace :) 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar New Year

I guess by this time, most of you would have know that I'm in HK celebrating my CNY! It has been 16 years since i came back for Chinese New Year.

That morning, i woke up feeling an adrenaline rush telling me to go back to HK and enjoy this year's CNY. So i quickly woke my sister up and told her. Her first comment was "Are you crazy?". I like to do crazy things like this sometimes. After discussion, we immediately booked the tickets without telling our mum. haha. We planned to go over and give her a BIG SURPRISE! I love giving surprises too!

If I were a man, i would have made my woman the happiest woman on earth. I think no one has better ideas than I do.

And here we are, on the plane, destination to Hong Kong. The sky was absolutely beautiful that evening. 

#3 and half hours flight back home 

I was thinking about a lot of things while on the plane. I wrote a whole chunk of words. I read it and i deleted it again. It should be kept as good memories in my heart instead. I was also thinking about what to eat when i alight. I freaked out when the crew told us that the temperature is 15 degree celsius. OMG I barely wore any thick layer of clothes. LOL. But i survived anyway! 

Alighted at the airport in Hong Kong, feeling extremely hungry. My appetite is back! I am kinda happy because then i won't be a skinny bone anymore as i have lost 3kg within 5 days. God knows what i did to myself. I was dying to eat but i could barely eat anything those days. But anyway, while typing this now, i had just eaten lots of food! And i'm still feeling hungry now. I'm so happy i can finally eat again. haha. Eating is a blessing. But still, I will control my diet. Lots of things to do when I come back to SG.  

Once we touched down, we headed straight to meet up with my aunt and my mum's bf. We were all excited to give my mum this surprise. By then, she had already ended work and was at home. 

That little boy here is my baby cousin Bosco. He is very naughty but we love him so much! 

Our grandma said, "I asked Bosco if he would take care of me when he grows up." 
I said, "And then?" 
Grandma said, "He say by that time, I would be sleeping peacefully already." 
Oh gosh, kids nowadays really are smart and alert. LOL. 

Off we headed to my mum's place. We had it all planned. True enough she was taken back and was extremely surprised! Her life is so full of surprises recently. Her boyfriend just proposed to her during December. If you read my tweets, he had waited for her before i was even born. Yes that's right. Where can you find a man like this? My mum is just another xin fu de xiao nu ren. 

I had a video of this surprise on my facebook. Check it out here! 

Being the first time celebrating CNY in Hong Kong, i had a lot to see. Hong Kongers have what they call it as 花市. Does Singapore has this? It is whereby people will be selling all the new year flowers in places like huge basketball courts in different areas. They have all the goodies and toys as well. 

It was past midnight then. My body clock is telling me that its time to go back home and sleep. haha. 

And the next morning, we went to visit our grandmother at 长洲. 

It has been close to 6 months since I last came here. The last time was August 2012. Didn't realize time pass by this fast, with so many things happening within it. Maybe it is a little bit too fast. That is why we should cherish every min spend. 

My sis and I had our dim sum before going to the harbor. I'm a typical cantonese. Don't know why is this picture so warm... But I love that pancake I was eating! Ok, i shall eat it again tmr. Restaurants like this are all over in Hong Kong. I don't have to go all the way to town to have it. That's what i like about in Hong Kong. I love the food, i love cold weather like this and i love that i know nobody here. 

Always at the deluxe class while taking the ferry. The weather was very cold yesterday. 

Me officially saying Hi from HK! 

Marina being my favourite place in Singapore, Victoria Harbor being my favourite place in Hong Kong. You realize i actually love the sea. :) I look up the sky and i could forget almost everything. 

Grandmother dotes us so much. She bought fresh seafood for us to eat. As i'm the eldest in the family, i have special privilege. LOL. Just joking. Everyone is fair. 

My grandmother can cook really nice food. I'm still improving my cooking skill. 

Another cousin. Young boy Justin. haha. I used to love him a lot too, when he was a baby like Bosco. Okay, now u know it, it means when baby Bosco is at Justin's age, i probably won't play with him anymore. #realisticsister 

Alright, i love the both of them but babies are much cuter. Agree? 

Grandma said I'm looking more mature now. At the age of 20 (going to soon), my baby fats seem to be disappearing! Is this good or bad? FYI, i barely had any make up on k? :) 

Waking up to this beautiful sea and weather is awesome. I always think about life when i have moments like this. 

And this is one of my favourites! Why doesn't Singapore sell it? :( 

And my MUST HAVE when i come back to HK. 

Heading back to HK from the little island~~ 
I am at this playground ever since I was born. Very wonderful memories. 

Hope you guys have a great Chinese New Year too! Thank you all for all the CNY wishing. I really appreciate them :) 

In this new year, i wish there could be more love in the world. With every bit of love, we could make this a better place to live and the people around to be happier. Let's all spread some love and may we prosper in the Snake Year! 

"Yes 蛇 yes 蛇 three bag 福" Read it from twitter. LOL. 


Monday, February 4, 2013

I thought life was so much better with you around. For the first time in many months i felt alive again. I knew you would come sooner or later. I didn't know i would meet you in such situation. I was waiting for you, to save me from the burning fire. True enough you did. I was secretly praying that we could maybe get married and live happily ever after. I bet i didn't tell you a lot of my things.

At that time, you were my savior. I was confused actually. I didn't know what to do. But you gave me a light shining through the darkness. It clears away my misery for once, this many months. I was so happy i told my mum, my best friends and everyone dear to me. I even broke my usual style by telling random people that i'm attached when they asked. These 2 years i've been living in my own world & i couldn't care more  for anyone except for myself. I'm selfish like this but i want it the way it is, all because i was too afraid to be hurt. Until i met you...

The first few times weren't great times actually. I was questioning myself a lot. Am i prepared for this? Am i prepared to get hurt anytime? Am i "this" , am i "that"? What if you lied? What if its just a dream? What if "this" , what if "that" ? And then you came & told me, that everything is gonna be alright. To believe in us, to believe in this rln. Those times were happy times.

Never thought that one day, i'd be losing you. I thought we could give each other one more chance, to start all over again. Start afresh. Some friends told me to give up because its a waste of time, saying i could be much better than that. I hate to listen to friends' opinion sometimes, because it defeats the purposes of getting the right answer. I trust my instinct that i should do my best, even when i'm just a girl.

I did try to believe too. I did try to have more courage too. But i can't do this alone. You and I have to do it together. It's no use if only one party is making the effort. But these were said and all i got back were broken hearted messages. Don't say you try. Don't say I try too. Maybe we can ask ourself if we did try hard enough? Is this what you want? Then why start?

Long were those times forgotten. I miss them so much. For a person like me who is so afraid to be hurt, it really takes up a lot of courage to say all these. I know i'm a brave girl but sometimes crying helps a lot.

I don't want to live with regrets. I won't force anything too. To be honest, i'm just a very simple girl. All i wanted was everlasting love & sincerity. Is this too much to ask for?

I really remember every word that you said. Maybe i shouldn't have gone in too deep with this. It really hurts so bad now, its inexplicable. Maybe i forgot how heartache feels like. But i really didn't know it will hurt like this. All these replies hurt me. Is there really no chance for us. Do you feel the pain like i do?

I have learned that talks are cheap. I don't know what else to say, i have million things to say. Did you cry? For i did, every night.

Just let me get past through that midnight hours, maybe tomorrow would be easier. Don't be upset when someone decides to give you up. At least you've tried to salvage. He was the one who give us up so easily. You can leave with no regrets now. Please be brave and face your future. Tell yourself that you can do it.

Maybe two years later we will meet again. This time, at the right place, right time, right mindset. We'll all grow abit more mature. I still believe, though it really hurts. The thought of it hurts, the thought of how it started hurts, the thought of how it ended hurts.

You were the one who started it and also the one who left me with tears.

It's ok, it's fine. Everything is gonna be alright...