Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since young, i love watching firework. This year's CNY firework in HK is the best firework i have ever seen in my life. Absolutely stunning! Kinda regretted not coming back to HK for CNY all these years. 

Ready for firework??? 

Here we go! 

The 20 mins long firework. It was breath-taking. My sister said, "wah...if the guy propose to you with this firework written Will You Marry Me.. omg..." 

Yeah, that we could wait next life. It would never happen. haha. Unless he is filthy rich but rich guys aren't faithful guys. 

Shop abit at the central before heading back home. I bought lots of gifts for my friends! Whoever that i thought of :) See u guys when i am back. 

And the abalone specially cooked by the head chef! Oh its yummy~ I never like eating abalone. But this time round, it makes my mouth watery. 

Did you guys have a great CNY so far? 

I've been instragram-ing quite a bit lately. If only i could edit the pictures without posting it up...

I heard of a story. It goes like this... 

When 2 people meet, doesn't mean they know each other.
Met, doesn't mean they love each other.
Loved, doesn't mean they can endure each other.
Endured, doesn't mean they can be together till old. 

That's all. Peace :) 

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