Monday, February 25, 2013


Nothings gonna change my love by Kaori Kobayashi. 
Its still my favourite piece of Saxophone song. Please play it if not you won't know what i'm talking about here. 

I was thinking if i should be blogging about my diet/food eaten recently here or shall i blog about something else. But first of all, i really thank u guys for the comments given to me about the posts i blogged about. I'm a thinker so i like writing thoughtful posts. It gives me a different perspective of life other than eating, enjoying, and working. Before we die, we should all hit the self-actualization point whereby we finally understand what life is all about. Its not just about the money or the love, but something else more worthwhile. 

I finally know what i wanna blog about. Let's talk about friends. Honestly, i don't have a lot of friends. Ok i do have a lot of friends but maybe i should call them acquaintances? In life, you only need one or two real friends. What are real friends? Friends who are always there no matter happiness or sadness. No lies, no cheating, no backstabbing, no bullshit. 

If you are close enough with me, u would know that i don't have many female friends! In fact, its just maybe one or two. I know a lot of female friends but sadly, we don't hang out :( . So are they still friends? lol. I really don't know but i am one who will make effort in sustaining a friendship. Then the question comes. Why don't I have female friends? 

90% of my friends are guys. I'm really being honest here. Some girls are just fated to have more guy friends than female friends. And i don't fancy girl clique or girls gathering. I like to be alone and i only like to hangout with just one or two female friends together. Actually, i forgotten when was the last time i hang out with more than 1 female friend together. I think it was 6, 7 years ago? 

The reason is simple

I have a phobia with girls. 

And the reason for this reason is even more simple

Girls are scary. 

Ok i should end this post here before all my lady friends run away! lol. But if you know me really well enough, u know i don't do anything bad things to my friends. I'm just saying this because i think generally, girls are scary to me. Their thoughts are complicated. They can be doing this to you and another thing behind your back. She can be friendly to you but you never know she might be secretly in love with your boyfriend. Woo that sounds scary right? Imagine you introduce your boyfriend to your best friend (who is a girl). And then don't know what happen and your best friend grew an interest towards your boyfriend. Now the most sucky thing is that maybe your boyfriend likes her too! The conclusion is that your boyfriend is a jerk and your best friend is a bitch.  

Sounds harsh? Two of your closest people lied and cheated on you. This is not harsh. We are just doing what we should do to protect ourself. 

Girls are also scary because you never know what they are really thinking! I'm saying this as a person who has gone through this experience. Even sometimes, honestly, you won't know what i'm really thinking now too. Can you? Would you know that i'm actually complaining about your personality/doing sth that i know i shouldn't be doing but still pretending nothing has happened ? How is that possible? Of course its possible. Because we have all done it before. Please don't lie to yourself. I'm sure everyone has done it before. When you are in Primary one, or in secondary school, or even now. I have even seen it in the working society. I don't know if i should call this childishness or whatever but the thought of this makes me feel uneasy. I won't want to deal with this kind of person. 

And you may also heard of this sentence before. It says 最毒妇人心. It means a woman is the most dangerous creature on earth. If you wanna talk about being real cunning, a man can never win a woman for this. If a woman wants to be heartless, she can be even more heartless than a guy. The reason why we think women are weak is just simply because we are emotional creatures. We tend to use our heart more often than our brain. 

Maybe because i know to a certain extend what a woman can do, i choose to stay away from trouble. But anyway, this doesn't mean that being friend with a guy is safer than being with a girl. You choose your friend wisely. Listen, if this friend is not worth it then forget about it. This goes the same for a relationship. If your partner is not worth your efforts then forget it. But in the end, its always your call to decide whether its worthy or not. At times we need to think for ourself first. This is not being selfish but why wanna hurt yourself right? Its all part of growing up. If you need to fall down before knowing, then fall. Or else, keep yourself safe. 

You may have hundreds of friends, but you will only have one or two truthful friends in that hundreds. These friends will never leave you. They are true keepers. I hope i can do that for my friends too. 

It just really hurts me if i know that my true friends are hiding something from me. This feeling is not good and i hate it. 

Friends... Choose Wisely... :) 



  1. Gal Gal Gal.....

    After reading your post, now i know gals are such an scary human being. They can treat u like king one sec, and shit/transparent the next sec..
    haha no wonder they say nv to offend an gal angry, esp during pms period

    from yr new yet old friend.. u shuld noe who