Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


I see many people flooding VDay wishes all over facebook and twitter. Some are complaining that they are single and forever alone. Some wish all couples out there happy. Some wish the singles out there can find their right one this year. For me, i would like to put it in a more positive way.

Firstly, I wish all couples stay together and live happily ever after. Secondly, I wish all singles to meet their Mr/Mrs. Right soon! Lastly, spend today well!

What is so big about Valentine's Day? Actually, this is quite true. If two people really love each other, every day is Valentine's Day! But to be honest, every day can't be Valentine's Day. Some of us are extremely busy people, so we definitely won't have the time to be romantic everyday. In fact, there are bound to be arguments and quarrels during some period. I guess today is just the day where you really show how much you love and appreciate your partner. It is like a wake-up-call-day. If you normally don't do romantic things, today is the day you do it! Surprise your partner!

We all need love to live healthy!

If you are reading this post now, i'm guessing that you're probably single. Because only a single could have this time to read a blog post. If you're attached, you should just close this window now and think about what you can do for your Valentine instead!

If its me, I would learn how to bake a cake and do a Valentine's Day card this year. I do have lots of ideas in creating good memories and things. We just gonna put some efforts in whatever things that we are doing. If you say you love her, yes it is very sweet and nice, but what did you do to make her feel that you really do love her? The point is, action speaks louder than words! If you're attached and you're still reading my blog post now, i suggest you shut down the com now and do something meaningful with your love one instead!

You have 24 hours to celebrate Valentine's Day! It is now 11 am and you probably have about 12 hours to do whatever thing that you need to do today. Whether it is a confession or celebrating with your partner, do it right and i hope you succeed :) .

Talking about confession, i thought of this tweet that i read 5 days ago. It says (let me change a bit to suit today) "Today is Valentine's Day. If you are secretly in love with me, i suggest you reveal it now."

Yeah guys, there's no shame in confessing your love to the person. I have learned a lesson this year. There is no shame in love. It is just whether you want to fight for it or not! Of course, nothing can be forced too.

If your confession fails, it is fine! Just make sure you guys are still friends. I'm sure that person is not that silly to the state where he/she ignores you from now on. Because he/she would be stupid to ignore the person who loves themselves. Just keep it cool and steady alright? If you never confess, you would never know. And this, is the fact. It's just like if you never ask, you would never know.

If you and your partner is having an argument now, I suggest you analyze if this is the right time to talk it out or to talk to that person. Sometimes, you need to give your partner some space to think. It doesn't mean that he/she does not like you anymore, it just means that - at this period of time, with what is happening to you two right now, a time to think is the best solution. Of course i wish everything will be alright eventually. Don't be too upset okay! Like i said, if you think its worth it, fight for it. But my fight-for-it does not mean that you spam messages and calls to him/her. Or that you do crazy things to make him/her feel annoyed. I guess u know what those things are. My fight-for-it just means that whatever that you do, you don't have to give up. Just keep faith and secretly be there for him/her.

Hey its tough but love should be unconditional. But it always need to have both parties to be willing to work hard together.

So what am i gonna do this year for Valentine's Day? It's my first time spending VDay in Hong Kong! Honestly to me, i just feel that today is like any other day. Just that i would see more roses and couples on the street. Which i know i will feel kinda jealous too. haha. But its fine cause i'm spending it with my family! Maybe someone can make up Valentine's Day for me when i come back? lol.

I had a few good moments in my life so far. Let me try to flash back my memories and see what are those. okay...

  • Someone sent me white roses all the way from New South Wales to my door step! I love white roses. They are pure and romantic. It symbolizes purity, sincerity and innocence. Of a world unspoiled and untarnished. That shocking moment when i went home and saw those flowers. I seriously went crazy. A girl like me is easy to satisfy right? hahaha. 

  • Cakes surprises! Ok, i love surprises. Anything that is a surprise for me is good moment for me. 

  • And definitely this year's CNY firework. Absolutely gorgeous! 

I guess in the future, my good moments would be: Marriage proposal, giving birth to my babies (the moment when the baby is out and you first feel him/her) and going on holiday trips with my husband. LOL. I sound like i need to get married ASAP. But aren't these good moments for every girl? And good moments like getting a car and buying your first house!

Alright, I'm ending my post here. I will upload my latest photoshoot pictures really soon!

Have a well spend Valentine's Day :)
P/S: Actually i like red roses too.

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