Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar New Year

I guess by this time, most of you would have know that I'm in HK celebrating my CNY! It has been 16 years since i came back for Chinese New Year.

That morning, i woke up feeling an adrenaline rush telling me to go back to HK and enjoy this year's CNY. So i quickly woke my sister up and told her. Her first comment was "Are you crazy?". I like to do crazy things like this sometimes. After discussion, we immediately booked the tickets without telling our mum. haha. We planned to go over and give her a BIG SURPRISE! I love giving surprises too!

If I were a man, i would have made my woman the happiest woman on earth. I think no one has better ideas than I do.

And here we are, on the plane, destination to Hong Kong. The sky was absolutely beautiful that evening. 

#3 and half hours flight back home 

I was thinking about a lot of things while on the plane. I wrote a whole chunk of words. I read it and i deleted it again. It should be kept as good memories in my heart instead. I was also thinking about what to eat when i alight. I freaked out when the crew told us that the temperature is 15 degree celsius. OMG I barely wore any thick layer of clothes. LOL. But i survived anyway! 

Alighted at the airport in Hong Kong, feeling extremely hungry. My appetite is back! I am kinda happy because then i won't be a skinny bone anymore as i have lost 3kg within 5 days. God knows what i did to myself. I was dying to eat but i could barely eat anything those days. But anyway, while typing this now, i had just eaten lots of food! And i'm still feeling hungry now. I'm so happy i can finally eat again. haha. Eating is a blessing. But still, I will control my diet. Lots of things to do when I come back to SG.  

Once we touched down, we headed straight to meet up with my aunt and my mum's bf. We were all excited to give my mum this surprise. By then, she had already ended work and was at home. 

That little boy here is my baby cousin Bosco. He is very naughty but we love him so much! 

Our grandma said, "I asked Bosco if he would take care of me when he grows up." 
I said, "And then?" 
Grandma said, "He say by that time, I would be sleeping peacefully already." 
Oh gosh, kids nowadays really are smart and alert. LOL. 

Off we headed to my mum's place. We had it all planned. True enough she was taken back and was extremely surprised! Her life is so full of surprises recently. Her boyfriend just proposed to her during December. If you read my tweets, he had waited for her before i was even born. Yes that's right. Where can you find a man like this? My mum is just another xin fu de xiao nu ren. 

I had a video of this surprise on my facebook. Check it out here! 

Being the first time celebrating CNY in Hong Kong, i had a lot to see. Hong Kongers have what they call it as 花市. Does Singapore has this? It is whereby people will be selling all the new year flowers in places like huge basketball courts in different areas. They have all the goodies and toys as well. 

It was past midnight then. My body clock is telling me that its time to go back home and sleep. haha. 

And the next morning, we went to visit our grandmother at 长洲. 

It has been close to 6 months since I last came here. The last time was August 2012. Didn't realize time pass by this fast, with so many things happening within it. Maybe it is a little bit too fast. That is why we should cherish every min spend. 

My sis and I had our dim sum before going to the harbor. I'm a typical cantonese. Don't know why is this picture so warm... But I love that pancake I was eating! Ok, i shall eat it again tmr. Restaurants like this are all over in Hong Kong. I don't have to go all the way to town to have it. That's what i like about in Hong Kong. I love the food, i love cold weather like this and i love that i know nobody here. 

Always at the deluxe class while taking the ferry. The weather was very cold yesterday. 

Me officially saying Hi from HK! 

Marina being my favourite place in Singapore, Victoria Harbor being my favourite place in Hong Kong. You realize i actually love the sea. :) I look up the sky and i could forget almost everything. 

Grandmother dotes us so much. She bought fresh seafood for us to eat. As i'm the eldest in the family, i have special privilege. LOL. Just joking. Everyone is fair. 

My grandmother can cook really nice food. I'm still improving my cooking skill. 

Another cousin. Young boy Justin. haha. I used to love him a lot too, when he was a baby like Bosco. Okay, now u know it, it means when baby Bosco is at Justin's age, i probably won't play with him anymore. #realisticsister 

Alright, i love the both of them but babies are much cuter. Agree? 

Grandma said I'm looking more mature now. At the age of 20 (going to soon), my baby fats seem to be disappearing! Is this good or bad? FYI, i barely had any make up on k? :) 

Waking up to this beautiful sea and weather is awesome. I always think about life when i have moments like this. 

And this is one of my favourites! Why doesn't Singapore sell it? :( 

And my MUST HAVE when i come back to HK. 

Heading back to HK from the little island~~ 
I am at this playground ever since I was born. Very wonderful memories. 

Hope you guys have a great Chinese New Year too! Thank you all for all the CNY wishing. I really appreciate them :) 

In this new year, i wish there could be more love in the world. With every bit of love, we could make this a better place to live and the people around to be happier. Let's all spread some love and may we prosper in the Snake Year! 

"Yes 蛇 yes 蛇 three bag 福" Read it from twitter. LOL. 


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