Sunday, February 17, 2013

My thoughts on love

He held her hand and said, "I am in love with you, I am not gonna giving up."
She came closer to him and said, "This is all i am afraid of but i am not running anymore."
He said, "There is no safer place than being in my arms. I will protect you."

In this Valentine's Day, let us be brave and support each other. Giving each other courage and love, the care and the trust. It's a start over.

Many things i didn't say, doesn't mean it don't exist. There are things waiting for the right time to tell. I used to dream of being a scriptwriter. Writing down many walks of life into stories and sharing with the world. I have very good imagination too. I love doing romantic things for my bf. I love giving surprises and be faithful in what I do. Sometimes we have setbacks, we lose faith. We wait for the one we trust to hold us back together. He will reach out his comforting arms and hold you back. That's when our faith regains. It is a cycle. When he loses faith, she will be the one reaching out her promising hands and hold him back. This is what we call, love.

I have a story in my mind ever since i was young. It is truly a fairytale story.

After all that happens, the man dressed in white suit came with a white carriage, 2 dozens of white roses, little star shape lights on the tree. Under this tree, with his sincere heart, he made his promises to the girl. 

And they live happily every after. 

No need big fireworks, no need fancy jewelry, no need 3 carat ring, no need ferrari, no need millions of dollars. Just his sincere and eternity heart, giving the girl the life she needs. Giving her no worries and a shoulder to lean on. 

It is just this simple.


However put all these romantic things aside, you guys should also learn how to decode girls' words too.

When I say "Its my birthday, no big deal." What i really mean is "It is a big deal, please surprise me with something fabulous." 
When I say "Give me 5 more mintues" I actually mean "Give me about 30 minutes more" 
When I say "What's so good about flowers?" I actually do mean "Maybe you can give me one soon" 
When I say "I am alright, just a little tired and hungry" Well for you it means "Take me out for dinner and pamper me with some love" 
When I ask "Isn't my friend pretty?" what i mean is "Tell me... that you haven't even notice because you only have eyes on me" 
When I say "I love you" it actually means ....... "that i really do love you" 

And as usual, ending off with the song i'm listening to now :)

Have a happy Sunday beautiful people.
Let's rock tmr's exam. (For me)

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