Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Life Pics

Hi these are my random life pictures. I have always wanted to share the food that i've been eating these days and i'm glad that its nothing unhealthy. haha. Well... maybe one or two cheating days but the rest of the days are fine. 

Make this dinner myself! Love cooking chinese food. 

Some wine at KPO 

Oh the salmon... 

Then i made this brunch for myself. Trying to be healthy. 

And you guys know i love sushi :) 

My sis cooked this for me. 

Yuuki has gone to Korean for almost a month! I hope he didn't get a plastic surgery there. lol just joking. But he is coming back soon! 

Guys.. the earl grey at TWG is great. 

Looks nice but taste awful

Maybe this is a little unhealthy but its Korean!!! I love korean pancake 

This pic makes me wanna go back KL soon. 

And today, i headed to 1 altitude. I really love a view where i am high up above, looking at e sky and feeling the breeze. Its an amazing feeling. 
Glad that i'm meeting up with Tyler again. He DJs at several places. Do go white rabbit next Friday if you can. 

Why is this so nice?! 

 At Saveur. It is a chic French restaurant & the setting is really simple but awesome food. 
Creme Brulee and Fish 

5 Purvis Street, 
Tablib Court #01-04 

Now back home, i'm gonna watch my Bourne Legacy on my cosy bed and go to sleep after that. I had a really busy week and all i want now is ample rest.  

 Just in case you haven't been to the new club DREAM yet, contact me for guestlists/table reservation! It is located where Rebel was and I recommend u to have a sofa table because u will know what i mean when you get there. 

Goodnight Beautiful People!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 20th birthday

I am finally 20 years old. Two nights ago I was still 19. I would definitely miss my 10's! A year older, a year wiser. 

I thank everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday on facebook/sms/twitter/phone calls. Thank you so much. I appreciate them. Even if it is a belated birthday wish, its your thought that counts. I feel so blessed with all your wishes now :) 

When the clock strikes twelve midnight, my family came to my room with this cake and sang me a Birthday Song. I was taking a nap and i woke up to this small little surprise. Definitely sweet and touching. I love this cake so much! Its from awfully chocolate. I love it simple and nice. 

And my big day comes that morning :) 

Nothing grand but i feel very good that day. Was it silly to go to gym during my birthday? Because i did and i feel good! 

Had my little birthday dinner at Kinsa Sushi. Since its a restaurant opened by my childhood friend's family, i thought it would be nice to celebrate there. Also, the area is convenient for all of us and i love japanese food! 

Booked 2 vip rooms for the night. 

Pumping balloons cause i love balloons? haha 

My sister :) 

Ordered lots of food for all of us! 
Service was excellent. 

With all my beloved friends whom i have known for more than 9 years. We studied PSLE together in the same class. One of them is aiming to be a MP in the future, some are gonna do business and some will have their professional job. Although we don't always meet up, but we have our chat group on whatsapp. #friendship 

Thank you i love this cake from Haagen-daz! 

And i make my wish. Sorry that the picture quality isn't good because it wasn't focus. heh. 

Blow the candles! 

My wish for this year's birthday... Hope it comes true :) 

Trying to find the birthday hats to put on them.

And i don't know why i am using this knife to cut my cake. It is so huge! Is this the sushi knife? LOL. 

Trying my best to cut it. Its an ice-cream cake. 

And the final picture before I end off today's post. 

It was a happy night overall. I didn't end up partying at clubs like what most people of my age would do for their birthdays. I spent my night playing blackjack with them. I don't usually play with money but this time i did and i won! lol. 

Once again, thank you for all your wishes. You know who you are and i appreciate it :) 

Entering the age of 20, let me do something memorable to start off my 20's. 

Have a good night! 

P/S: Thanks for all the presents too! Thank u this friend of mine who delivered the present to my house and gave me a shock when i saw the delivery guy. lol. 

P/S,P/S: My favourite song is Nothing's gonna change my love. Thank u Hazel for playing it on the piano at my house last night. I love it. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update for today

Sharing with you guys my favourite song for today. Have been listening to it since morning. 
Stay by Rihanna 
Round and around and around and around we go... 
oh~~ the reason i hold on..
Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move... 


And today: 

 As you can see, i went to my favourite place. 
 After my photoshoot. 

 The view is really breathe-taking. I can see fullerton hotel, singapore flyer and MBS. No idea such a place exist till now. lol. Level 33 u're gonna be my top pick hangout place from now. 

Too sinful these days. I had french fries for supper last night and we played mahjong and poker till 3 in the morning. I was too sleepy and headed to sleep while my friends went to my sister's room to continue the night. haha. Woke up 8 in the morning and heard them still alive! 

I wonder why am i getting easily tired and sleepy lately. 

And thank you all my friends who are wishing me happy birthday already! It is not today or tomorrow! It is this FRIDAY 15 March! lol. And yes, i am kinda excited to enter the 20's stage. It is like entering a new decade. I would definitely miss my 10's forever. When i was 10 years old, i was still wondering what would happen when i turn 20. And here i am now... turning 20 in 2 days' time. 

Nothing fancy for my birthday this year. I like things simple and quiet. 

Have a good night my beautiful people.