Sunday, March 3, 2013

It is March!


 ~ thanks ~ 
(Me without makeup on and cheeks 'blushing' cause of intoxication. lolol)

Had 5 different pieces of cakes formed together and two big candles at the side. Initially i only wanted one big candle because it is not really my birthday yet. I just wanted to celebrate the start of a new Month and also because its my Birthday Month! So we were all high at KL when we did this mini celebration as we were playing the circle of death game. It was crazy. And yes, whatever happens in KL stays in KL. lol. One of us did a total crazy stuff and it was really kinda 'crazy'. It's a new month and i'm so happy to welcome this month. KL trip was awesome! Unfortunately i was sick (again) and the first thing i bought over there was medicine... I'm always getting a sore throat at the start of every month since 2013. I hope it stops at this month. Thank u and I'm so excited about March! More than ever! Especially when last year i had a crazy Month of March too. haha. I wonder what would happen this time :)

p/s: Hope u like the new song i put on my blog. Its my favourite now. 


  1. w/o makeup also look nice leh! gt the pikachu chubby face, pika pika!

    from u know who haha

  2. Replies
    1. Wad exact date is your bdae ya? Haha can use it to buy 4d number u noe