Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 20th birthday

I am finally 20 years old. Two nights ago I was still 19. I would definitely miss my 10's! A year older, a year wiser. 

I thank everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday on facebook/sms/twitter/phone calls. Thank you so much. I appreciate them. Even if it is a belated birthday wish, its your thought that counts. I feel so blessed with all your wishes now :) 

When the clock strikes twelve midnight, my family came to my room with this cake and sang me a Birthday Song. I was taking a nap and i woke up to this small little surprise. Definitely sweet and touching. I love this cake so much! Its from awfully chocolate. I love it simple and nice. 

And my big day comes that morning :) 

Nothing grand but i feel very good that day. Was it silly to go to gym during my birthday? Because i did and i feel good! 

Had my little birthday dinner at Kinsa Sushi. Since its a restaurant opened by my childhood friend's family, i thought it would be nice to celebrate there. Also, the area is convenient for all of us and i love japanese food! 

Booked 2 vip rooms for the night. 

Pumping balloons cause i love balloons? haha 

My sister :) 

Ordered lots of food for all of us! 
Service was excellent. 

With all my beloved friends whom i have known for more than 9 years. We studied PSLE together in the same class. One of them is aiming to be a MP in the future, some are gonna do business and some will have their professional job. Although we don't always meet up, but we have our chat group on whatsapp. #friendship 

Thank you i love this cake from Haagen-daz! 

And i make my wish. Sorry that the picture quality isn't good because it wasn't focus. heh. 

Blow the candles! 

My wish for this year's birthday... Hope it comes true :) 

Trying to find the birthday hats to put on them.

And i don't know why i am using this knife to cut my cake. It is so huge! Is this the sushi knife? LOL. 

Trying my best to cut it. Its an ice-cream cake. 

And the final picture before I end off today's post. 

It was a happy night overall. I didn't end up partying at clubs like what most people of my age would do for their birthdays. I spent my night playing blackjack with them. I don't usually play with money but this time i did and i won! lol. 

Once again, thank you for all your wishes. You know who you are and i appreciate it :) 

Entering the age of 20, let me do something memorable to start off my 20's. 

Have a good night! 

P/S: Thanks for all the presents too! Thank u this friend of mine who delivered the present to my house and gave me a shock when i saw the delivery guy. lol. 

P/S,P/S: My favourite song is Nothing's gonna change my love. Thank u Hazel for playing it on the piano at my house last night. I love it. 

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