Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Life Pics

Hi these are my random life pictures. I have always wanted to share the food that i've been eating these days and i'm glad that its nothing unhealthy. haha. Well... maybe one or two cheating days but the rest of the days are fine. 

Make this dinner myself! Love cooking chinese food. 

Some wine at KPO 

Oh the salmon... 

Then i made this brunch for myself. Trying to be healthy. 

And you guys know i love sushi :) 

My sis cooked this for me. 

Yuuki has gone to Korean for almost a month! I hope he didn't get a plastic surgery there. lol just joking. But he is coming back soon! 

Guys.. the earl grey at TWG is great. 

Looks nice but taste awful

Maybe this is a little unhealthy but its Korean!!! I love korean pancake 

This pic makes me wanna go back KL soon. 

And today, i headed to 1 altitude. I really love a view where i am high up above, looking at e sky and feeling the breeze. Its an amazing feeling. 
Glad that i'm meeting up with Tyler again. He DJs at several places. Do go white rabbit next Friday if you can. 

Why is this so nice?! 

 At Saveur. It is a chic French restaurant & the setting is really simple but awesome food. 
Creme Brulee and Fish 

5 Purvis Street, 
Tablib Court #01-04 

Now back home, i'm gonna watch my Bourne Legacy on my cosy bed and go to sleep after that. I had a really busy week and all i want now is ample rest.  

 Just in case you haven't been to the new club DREAM yet, contact me for guestlists/table reservation! It is located where Rebel was and I recommend u to have a sofa table because u will know what i mean when you get there. 

Goodnight Beautiful People!

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