Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What About Money?

I have this post before, but i wanna reblog it. Its still slightly the same except this time, it is more in-depth with a clearer view of WHY AND WHAT ABOUT MONEY THAT IS MAKING PEOPLE MAD.

I'm sure many of you have problems with money, well unless you are a billionaire now reading my blog then i predict u won't have a problem with money. However, generally, everyone has money problem. At my age i thought i should be a princess, staying at home during my holidays while my parents make the money for me to spend. Isn't that great life? You do whatever you want, with plenty of money to spend. You don't have to worry about not having enough money because you have your parents. You are fortunate if your parents are giving you enough money and spend and you have almost nothing to worry about. But i'm speaking on behalf of most students/young adults who are not that fortunate. In reality, we work hard for what we want. Sometimes we feel tired when your parent argue just because of financial issues. Or when you want to buy something, you want to ask your parent but deep down you know it will be a 'NO'. It's okay... now you just gonna earn the money yourself and start depending on yourself, rather than your parents. At my age (i'm going 20), my expenses are 90% of what i earn. The rest of the 10% comes from my monthly allowance which is peanut to me.

And at this age, i'm beginning to think even harder on how to make myself not worry over money. So before that, i suggest that i need to understand how money works. Recently during my KL trip, i read a book called 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. The things that were mentioned kinda make sense to me. I thought i can just share a bit of my reading experience and reflection here.

It says that two emotions what most people, or rather everyone, have is named FEAR and GREED. First, the fear of being not having money motivates us to work hard, and then when we get that paycheck, greed or desire starts us linking about all the wonderful things money can buy. And then the pattern is set.

The pattern of getting up, going to work, paying bills; get up, go to work, pay bills.

This cycle goes on.

So these people are forever controlled by two emotions; fear and greed. The more they earn, the larger their expenses. Eventually, they are in the Rat Race. 

People work hard for money because of desire. They desire the money for the things they think it can buy. But this joy that money brings is often short-lived and they soon need more money for more joy.. more PLEASURE, more COMFORT, MORE SECURITY... So they just keep working harder and harder.

We want to be rich because we want to eliminate the fear of being poor. Correct? Most people think this way. However, technically, we can't think of it this way. Because when you get richer, your fear of going back to square one increases. And it is not healthy.

I can't suggest a solution to this but its all in your mindset. We should get rich not because we are scared to be poor, we should get rich because we want to make money work for us, not the other way round.

After saying this, i come to think about the people in the working industry.

Mentioning about objects or subjects is purely by coincidence. Don't get offended if you think i'm referring to anyone, i'm not. Just speaking in general.

Alright, let's start. I hate politics in company. I hate the idea of why people like to bitch around or backstab in the company. I hate it when you want to bootlick your supervisor. I'm a person who likes to stand in a neutral position. When i listen to your rubbish talking about bad stuff behind your friend, i will just nod and then forget about it. I'm straight-forward and i don't like to beat around the bush. So its either you like me or you don't. And i don't do things that i think has undervalue me. For example, why are you getting a 1k job when you have a degree certificate? You get what i mean? Why are you doing more than what a person with income of 5k is doing when you only get 2k salary? If you wanna gain by experience by doing more than its fine. We learn and get experience as we work. Its fine but you shouldn't let people bully you in your work place. The world is so big, there must be a place that will welcome you with warm arms.

There are two kinds of people, as what i can think of now. First is a person who knows the answer but don't dare to voice out. Second is a person who is daring and like to voice out opinions. Usually the second type of people are the ones who will be successful.

Sure you will have many friends and many people will like you if you are the first type of person. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU SEEM LIKE U CAN BE BULLIED. By bully i mean unneccessary extra workload for you because they know you won't mind.

I'm not ranting, i'm just voicing out an opinion that i see from work places and from what i've heard through my friends. But this society is cruel anyway. It is realistic and cruel. Sometimes we just have to suck it up and be try to stay positive. But that shouldn't defeat your purpose of becoming rich.

I also hate the idea of why some working adults are gossiping/bitching/backstabbing in the company, then only getting a pay just enough for them to pay their house installments, pay their bills, and other fees. At the end of the month, they realize that money is not enough and they go back to work, waiting for the next payday, continue gossiping and bitching around. U get the idea of what i'm trying to say here?

If you are reading this and you think you are one of them, then i'm sorry about it. It may not be referring to you. I'm mentioning nobody here. But its good if you want to change this habit now. :) Its never too late.

I respect you if you are one of those who likes to staying away from unnecessary trouble and trying to build up your asset column at the same time.

Speaking about asset column, here is why i hate that idea of bitching & paying bills & realizing u don't have enough money but still continue bitching. Because these people don't have big plans. They are doing what they enjoy doing in the short term. Your salary is not gonna help you in the long term. Your investments do. At the end of the day, its more like your investments and assets are helping you to earn the money rather than your income.

So these people don't really bother acquiring assets, they are simply spending from their income column. If you study accounting, you should get what i mean. And i just think its stupid and silly because here are you complaining about ur low pay, backstabbing & etc but you are not making an effort to think of a way to make more money. Its more like you should mind your own business first.

If you think you want a simple life, then you will go towards having a simple life. If you think you wanna be wealthy, then you will go towards the path of being wealthy. Your thinking is what will first set your mindset to the direction that you are going to. If you think 3k is enough for you, then don't bother thinking about being rich. :) Honest opinion.

Everyone wants to be rich and dream of owning luxury items. But that's just a dream. All i can say is that having this dream is the first step to your success but if you don't do anything about it, then its JUST A DREAM. And u will just be stuck in your dream thinking why aren't you rich yet. This path is long, tedious and require a lot of sweat and hardwork. It is always difficult to make your first million. But eventually, your life is gonna get better and u won't have to worry whether you have enough money to spend after your retirement. You will be enjoying your retirement cause all of the investments you made 20 years ago...

Now.. coming to education. If your parent is telling you that you to get good grades in school, get a degree at NUS and then you will get a good pay and stable job, then your parent is like my parent. HAHA. Its their own traditional thinking. Now this Y generation is different. We like to do things our own way. Sure good grades at good schools will get you a good salary and secure job. But don't forget you are being taxed. Rich people have their ways to get around with tax. That is something what school never teach u about. I agree on what that book says, "School only produce good employees but never a good employer." 

Last time when i was in Primary and Secondary School, getting good grades and having a stable life is all i can think of. That is what my mother taught me so i should follow. But when i come to Polytechnic, i realize it doesn't work this way. I know i'm not the type of person who will get satisfied with just 3k income per month. I know i hate politics. I also know i don't like doing things the proper way. When we work hard in the company, we are not the ones getting rich, we are just making our company richer. And this sucks. Cause WE ARE NOT THE ONES GETTING RICHER. Our pay is still the same. We still work like mad. We only get a bonus and that's all.

Do you agree with me?

So, don't fret if you are not getting good grades in school. But by saying that i don't mean you can neglect your studies and do whatever you want. Education is important because it teaches you knowledge about what you want to be involved in. It teaches you the basics.

Sadly, my parent don't understand my concept. They still think that i should study hard and get good grades, then come out to work in a good company and THAT'S IT. That's all for my life??? Hell no! (Although this was once in my mind last time) 

I think i like to take risk and i like to have fun in my life rather than living the traditional way. My mum said my plan sounds big and it seems like i want to be a career superwoman. No in fact, I honestly want to live happily with my husband and kids, while having sufficient money to spend on. That's all. That simple :) .

Stopping with a picture on where i stayed in KL those 4 days. Its a service suite apartment at Times Square. Luckily i have my best friend KW there. 

And looking at the very beautiful sky in the afternoon with my tea, book and music. Life was perfect. 

Peace ~ 

P/S: It is easier to change yourself than having others to change for you


  1. Hi,

    Making money/being a millionaire shouldn't be your primary goal. That is not a strong driving force that will make you happy in the long term. Making your first million will not doubt make you happy, but you will soon realize that the happiness will be short lived. Even if you do achieve your first million, so what's next for you?

    Instead you should focus your energies on doing something that you love and pursue it with relentless energy with the aim of growth/improvement in mind.

    Best if you can focus your energy on trying to help people/do good. There is really no limit in how much you can help people and every time you help someone, you will feel a warm sense of satisfaction as well. Ultimately, this will serve as a strong driving force for you.

    When your focus in life happens to be either growth/improvement or helping others, you will soon realize that money will start coming your way. But once you start to have those goals in life, you start to realize that making money will not be your main aim in life.

    Hope this has helped to broaden your perspective in some way.

  2. U might not have read my previous posts. But i did mention about building schools for the less fortunate when i have enough money :) . And i also did write a short post on helping people and doing charity work. Thank u for your comment, i appreciate it :) .