Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update for this week

The weather is beautiful today. The sunlight shines against the window and i hear birds chipping. What a peaceful saturday at home.

I love my life at this moment more than anything else. I am healthy, still young, no pain, nothing negative (well maybe just not a millionaire). Put aside all the unhappiness, i am the happiest person on Earth now. I will look forward to live and spend every single day meaningful, at least a day at home like now is meaningful because i have time to think about life. Sorry my friends for not meeting you guys up this while, i really have a home body.

I can't be more grateful than anything else now because I have a lovely mother. It makes me feel so sad to see her being upset because of certain decisions that i've made. I can't be happier because i still have a family and lovely friends around me. Although there are troubles and problems sometimes, what matters more is that we learn as we grow.

Sorry I may be a bit emotional now because I have learn some life values. Few days ago my left eye was injured. I couldn't open it and i was terrified. I thought the doctor is gonna cut out my eye ball. I thought of all kinds of situations. I couldn't look straight because my left eye will hurt.

I thought it would be fine after a night of sleep. The next morning when i woke up, it got worse as it felt even more painful. I went to the clinic immediately and the doctor said it might be an infection/inflammation. I didn't really believe what the doctor was telling me because it isn't the 'inflammation-kind-of-pain'. Can you imagine that i am seeing things only with my right eye and basically my left eye hurts if i close it with too much pressure too?

So for the rest of the day, i was on bed 'sleeping'... This scary thought came through my mind 'What if i would to be blind here?' I haven't see snow yet. I haven't been to Europe and i haven't see a lot of other things that i wanna see.

I kind of know how a blind person will feel now. To know that one day you wake up and you're blind. It is 100x scarier than how i felt definitely.

The next day when i woke up, it still didn't feel better. The doctor at the clinic had advised me that if the pain didn't go off, i should go to see a specialist. I called my dad and he came to pick me up from work and we went to the A&E. It's my first time going to the hospital while having an injury. The last time when i went was to see a cardiologist for my heart problem. And no, don't worry, my body is healthy :). I might just have a heart palpitation when i have lack of sleep / nervous / am tired.

I swear the waiting time was horrible. It took me almost 2 hours to go from doctor to doctor and finally been able to see the eye doctor. My eye was killing me already!

The doctor looked at my eye and gave me a numbing eye drop. It works. My left eye FELT SO MUCH BETTER. Almost no pain. I was shocked. And blahblahblah... He gave me medicine and off i went home.

While on my way home, I felt extremely grateful that god has given me a pair of eye for me to see what  could be the most beautiful things on Earth. He has given me a complete body and beautiful black hair. He has given me a sister, a mother and a father to start with.

The rest of the things that God didn't give me is for me to give to myself instead. Do you believe in miracle? Actually i don't. I believe that miracle is just a thing that happen unexpectedly in your life. In other words, it may be God's gift.

But the main point is not about God. The main point is to cherish what you have right now and don't lose it. Some things are forever gone if you let them go. They will never come back. So CHERISH :) .

Its time to let go off the past and see what would happen in the future instead. I will embrace it with hope! There could be many wonderful things awaiting for you! Do what you like, be yourself, be happy, be grateful, be strong.

It's all that i can say for now. Hope everyone have a beautiful Saturday and think about how your life can be improved or things that you should feel grateful for now.

Till then...

Oh yes, my medicine... haha. Btw i didn't know optometrist can be that handsome. HAHAHAHA.


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